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Acing Your Music School Audition

How can you break down the door and get a job in the music business? The truth is that there isn't one tried-and-true formula, but one thing is certain: experience counts. A music business internship lets you get that experience under your belt while making important connections. Find out what you need to know about landing - and acing - an internship.

Stage Fright and Playing Live
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5 More Music Industry Home Truths

Monday March 31, 2014

When it comes to launching your music career, are you playing by the right rule book? It's easy to talk in lofty, theoretical terms about the changes in today's music industry, but those ideas don't always really match the reality on the ground. The truth is that up and coming musicians are looking for ways to grind out a living - and a fanbase - and that is hardly a first in history. The methods might be different, the stakes may be changeable, but a few basics tend to always hold true. Let's call these Music Industry Home Truths. Volume one had some hard realities and necessary truths - now find out 5 More Music Industry Home Truths, designed to help you make smart decisions about building your music career.

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5 Ways to Get Music Press

Monday March 31, 2014

Getting press for your music release is an uphill battle when you're working with a small budget, but there are simple things you can do to boost your odds of actually landing those precious column inches. For instance, did you know that having a clear, publish-ready, color photo could make the difference between getting a review and not getting one? Don't sabotage your own music promotion efforts. Put these five strategies for getting music press into action. Here is even more helpful information:

Does It Matter Where You Live for Your Music Career?

Monday March 31, 2014

Location, location, location...it matter when you're buying a house, but does it matter when you're launching your music career? It definitely matters a lot less than it used to, thanks to the beauty of the internet and social media....but does that really mean it doesn't matter at all? There are some big advantages to living in a place with a big music industry presence - namely that you still stand the (however small) chance of having that moment where someone walks into your gig and changes your life. There may be something to say for living in a place where your genre of music is popular, since fans of that music will look to that city for the next big thing. There are definitely good things about living someplace that has some kind of local music infrastructure - venues, media, etc - that can help you get your footing.

But you can do it from other places. You'll need to be willing to travel more, stay online more, and work a little harder. However, sometimes, the savings you get from living in small town wherever over paying NYC rent is a good investment in your overall music career. What is the best solution for you? Check out these articles for advice:

5 Ways to Blow Your Music Career

Sunday March 30, 2014

So you want to make it in music? Great. Don't believe the hype about no one being able to make a living in music anymore or blah blah blah. You can do this. However, don't buy into the myth that making it music  just involves taking part in one long party. It takes a ton of hard work, dedication, and yes, responsibility. A lot of talented musicians get left in the dust simply by not taking their craft seriously. Hey, if you commit to doing something - do it. It's that simple. Don't let a few avoidable missteps sour your musical ambitions. Avoid these 5 music career killers so you can build the audience and team you need.

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