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Acing Your Music School Audition

How can you break down the door and get a job in the music business? The truth is that there isn't one tried-and-true formula, but one thing is certain: experience counts. A music business internship lets you get that experience under your belt while making important connections. Find out what you need to know about landing - and acing - an internship.

Stage Fright and Playing Live
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Do I Need a Radio Promotion Campaign?

Every time your music appears in some kind of media, you win, but radio has a way of reaching audiences that reviews just can't. However, radio promotion can be extremely expensive, so it's not a given that every musician should pay for a radio campaign every time the release something. Is not the right time for a radio promotion campaign for you? Find out.

4 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Music Career

Could you be your own worst enemy when it comes to getting your music career off the ground? Sometimes, things musicians do in hopes of launching their careers actually shoot them in the foot. Don't let it happen to you. Avoid these music biz mistakes and start making real strides with your music.

5 Things Up-and-Coming Musicians Need to Know

When you decide to commit yourself to a career in music, one of the biggest challenges you'll face is sorting through the bombardment of information out there. It doesn't have to be so complicated. Here are 5 things every new musicians need to know to get their music career off the ground.

4 Ways to Start Your Music Business Job Search

After your graduate from a music business program, the tough part starts - finding a job in the music industry. Don't worry - there are jobs out there, but it's very competitive, so you've got to in with the right approach. Jumpstart your music industry job search with these tips.

Old-Fashioned Music Business Strategies You Should Be Using

There's a lot of talk about the so-called new music industry, but while that is all well and good, some old-fashioned music business ideas still have values. Here are some music business tricks that might seem outdated but could just make a big differences in your career.

Album Press Release Template

Surviving Your Summer Music Business Internship

What Are the Benefits of Not Having a Record Deal?

How to Survive a Summer Music Business Internship

The arrival of summer means one thing for music business students - internships! If you have an upcoming music business internship and are wondering how to come out of it with unscathed - and maybe even with a job after graduation, these tips will help.

Music Publishing: 5 Reasons You Should Care

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