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Heather McDonald

Interview Tips for Musicians

By September 26, 2011

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Once people start wanting to hear your music, people are going to start wanting to hear ABOUT your music - and that is where the music industry interview comes in. If you're a musician, you probably fall into one of two camps: you simply can't wait to start telling your story or the thought of telling your story makes you think maybe your parents were right and you should have become a dentist after all.

Whether you're actually nervous about becoming the subject of a music journalist's quizzing, there are a few ways to send the interview south. I remember the first time I interviewed a musician - or rather, a band. They were a to-remain-nameless Britpop band in the 90s, and when they got on the phone with me, they were rude, snarky, mean and generally unable and/or unwilling to discuss their music. I was heartbroken - I had been a big fan - but then I realized one lovely little upside of being the one writing the story - I would have the last word.

If you're on the other end of the line being interviewed, that is a point worth remembering, but there is much more to acing an interview than just being nice to the person holding the almighty pen (or keyboard). Learn more about getting the most out of interview so your music shines in the best possible light.

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