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Heather McDonald

Music Industry Internship Tips

By July 16, 2012

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So, how's that summer music industry internship going? Internships are important in any field, but in the who-you-know world of the music biz, an internship is pretty darned invaluable.

There are a few ways you can play your music internship. You can be that too-cool-for-school intern who thinks that your knowledge of allegedly obscure music means you don't really have much to learn at said internship - which, incidentally, is totally uncool. You can be that keep-your-head-down intern who does all the work but doesn't really get involved - which, incidentally, is better than the former but won't help you actually turn this internship into a job. You can be that I'm-hungry-to-work-and-learn-everything intern who does all the work, asks tons of questions, and is generally enthusiastic about being there - which, incidentally, is the way you should be playing this.

Worried that your internship could be going a little better? These six music business internship tips will help you turn it around.

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