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Heather McDonald

What If The Concert Promoter Won't Pay?

By December 31, 2012

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I've been pretty fortunate to have never encountered a concert promoter who just flat out refused to pay for a show as agreed, but I know from your emails that many of you aren't always so lucky. The fact is that the music industry is home to some hustlers (what business isn't), and when you're just cutting your teeth in the biz, you're especially vulnerable to their tricks.

So, what can you do if your concert promoter just won't honor your deal? I'm going to be honest - if we're talking about small amounts of money and deals that aren't in writing, you don't have tons of options. It's really important to make sure you really understand all of the strings attached to your pay before you decide this is an out-and-out swindle. If you're definitely getting take advantage of, you do have a few moves you can try to clear things up. Find out what to do if your music promoter won't pay you for the gig.

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