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What Is an Indie Record Label in Music? - Music Careers - About.com
An indie label is a record label that is independently funded and not connected to one of the Big Four major labels. Indie labels range from home based hobby ...
Indie Record Labels - Music Careers - About.com
Indie record labels, large and small, are where most bands get a start (and where many find their success). Find out more about these music business trend ...
Top Five Lessons Learned from Indie Record Labels - Music Careers
If you pay attention to what the majors are doing these days, you'll notice that things are looking a lot more indie around here. Labels are being forced to cope  ...
Top 20 Indie Record Labels of All Time - Alternative Music - About.com
The chances of Drag City, say, putting out a bad record are next-to-none. There are dozens upon dozens of all-time great indie record labels, but these, here, ...
Independent Record Label Listings - Lists of ... - Music Careers
Do you have an independent record label? List information about your label here . Are you looking for lists of indie record labels and indie record label contacts?
Indie Record Deals: Understanding the Pros and Cons
What's the best choice for you - an indie label record deal or a major label record deal? Learn more about the pros and cons work getting an independent label ...
Music Industry Tips - Indie Label Contracts
The information found here is most applicable to a small, independent record label, though the basic ideas apply to any record label contract. Also, be aware that ...
How to Start a Record Label - Indie Label Contracts - Music Careers
Record label contracts couldn't be more important - and that is true no matter how small your label is. Indie label contracts can be simple and straightforward, ...
"Record Label" Definition - Music Careers
There are two kinds of record labels independent (indie labels) and major labels (aka big four labels). Indie record labels are independent companies that do not ...
Showtime Records - Submit an Entry: Indie Record Label Listings
Showtime Records on About.com Music Careers indie label list.
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