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Music Career Profiles - Music Industry Job Descriptions
You know you love music, but you're just not sure which job in the music business is the perfect one for you. Browse these music industry job profiles and figure ...
Music Therapist Career Profile - Music Careers - About.com
A music therapist is therapist that uses music as a means of providing treatment for a patient. The way in which music is used depends on the patient. Possible ...
Music Distributor Career Profile - Job Description of a Music Distributor
... and musicians and the people who want to buy their music. Find out what is it like to work in music distribution in this music career profile of music distributors.
Artist Manager: A Career Profile - Music Careers - About.com
Love music, but can't play? Artist management may be for you. Find out what a day is like in the life of a band manager and how to get started in this field.
Music Agent Profile - Career as a Music Agent - Music Careers
If you want to be the one who makes the tours happen, then the job of a music agent may be for you. Agents work with promoters and bands to make sure ...
Radio Plugger (PR) Music Career Profile - Music Careers - About.com
Radio pluggers promote music to radio stations in hopes of getting the artists they worked for played on air. Learn more about radio PR and radio plugging, ...
Music Teacher Career Profile - Music Careers - About.com
If you have musical talent and the patience to share your knowledge with others, a music teacher job might be the right music career for you. Learn more about ...
Career Profile of a Music Journalist - Music Careers - About.com
Not all music jobs are on stage or behind the scenes - someone has to be write about the music and let the fans know what's going on. Music journalists get to ...
Music Promoter Career Profile - Music Careers - About.com
What is a Music Promoter?: The main job of a music promoter, usually simply called a promoter, is to publicize a concert. Promoters are the people in charge of  ...
A&R Music Industry Career Profile - Music Careers - About.com
A&R - short for artist and repertoire - was once one of the most desired music careers, but in recent times, there has been a lot of debate about whether or not it  ...
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