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What Is Music Distribution? - Music Careers - About.com
Distribution is the key to getting an album into the shops. Find out what is involved and what kind of distribution deals are common.
Should I Pay for Music Distribution - Music Careers - About.com
Get the lowdown on paid music distribution services. ... When you're looking for music distribution, you may come across some music distribution companies that  ...
What Are The Best Online Music Distribution Sites? - Music Careers
Weigh in here with your picks for best digital music distribution sites. Which sites pay the most? Which sites don't pay when they say they will? Let your fellow ...
Find Music Distribution - Music Careers - About.com
The task of finding music distribution is not always easy, however. This guide will help you get started and give you some clues as to what you should look for in ...
What is Digital Distribution - Music Careers - About.com
Many people think that it is just a matter of time before digital music distribution surpasses traditional, physical distribution. Learn more about this music ...
The Difference Between Licensing & Distribution- Music
Many smaller labels are faced with a decision between licensing and distribution, especially when it comes to getting their albums out in foreign territories.
Digital Music Distribution - Music Careers - About.com
Music Downloading: Should I Go for an Internet Only Release? ... and downsides to digital releases and digital music distribution before you decide if the net is ...
How to Start a Record Label - Music Distribution - Music Careers
How is your record label going to distribute its great music? Digital distribution has made life much easier for indies, and going all digital is a fine option. Still, you ...
Manufacturing and Distribution (M&D) Deals - Music Careers - About ...
M&D is short for manufacturing and distribution and refers to a kind of deal between a record label and a music distributor. Under an M&D deal, the distributor ...
Physical Music Distribution Definition - Music Careers - About.com
Physical music distribution is one avenue of music distribution that labels and musicians need to consider. Learn what physical distribution is.
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