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Industry Basics - Music Careers - About.com
Industry Basics. Getting started in the music business, career profiles, recording a demo, salaries, internships, self employment, funding for music projects, music ...
Music Industry 101 Guides: Radio Basics - Music Careers - About.com
What musician doesn't want to get their song played on the radio? Radio stations are always on the hunt for new music their listeners will love, so why not your ...
Music Industry 101 Guides - Music Careers - About.com
These Music Industry 101 Guides will help you navigate the industry quickly, learning the basics you need to know to make those crucial next steps. Browse the ...
Music Industry Facts Every Musician Needs to Know - Music Careers
There is a lot of misinformation out there about the music industry, and if you are trying to break into the business, this ... Here are some music industry home truths and what you need to know about the music business. ... Industry Basics .....
What is Music PR? - Glossary Definition - Music Careers - About.com
Music PR is a big part of promoting your album - it's how you get those reviews that make ... Industry Basics · Music Terms Glossary · Music Terms Glossary I-P ...
How to Start a Record Label - Music Careers - About.com
When it comes to starting a record label, understanding the basics up front is absolutely critical - it will ... Music Career Profiles - Music Industry Job Descriptions.
Music Industry Tips - Indie Label Contracts
The first thing that should be included in a contract between an indie label and an artist is the basics- who is making the deal and what the deal covers.
A&R Music Industry Career Profile - Music Careers - About.com
A&R - short for artist and repertoire - was once one of the most desired music ... In the music industry, A&R stands for artist and repertoire. .... Industry Basics ...
How To Network in the Music Industry - Music Careers - About.com
These tips for music industry networking will tell you how to network in the music business - even if you hate to network.
Choosing a Music Industry Job and Career
You know you want a job in the music industry, but which job is the right one for you? There are many different ... Industry Basics · Music Industry 101 Guides ...
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