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Music Promotion - Music Publicity - How to Promote Music
Music promotion and music publicity are a must for anyone in the music industry. Whether you're a band, a label, an agent or have some other music business ...
5 Signs You Should Hire a Music Promotion Company - Music Careers
Doing your music promotion is a way of life for many self-released musicians and small independent record labels. However, there comes a time when hiring a ...
Music Self-Promotion - Music Careers - About.com
Does a music promotion campaign have to cost a bundle? Not when you take on the role of being your own personal music publicist. Self-promoting your music ...
How to Promote Music on MySpace - Myspace Music Promotion
There's more to MySpace music promotion then creating a MySpace music page and letting the friend requests roll in. Find out how to use MySpace for music to ...
Five Best Practices for Facebook Music Promotion - Music Careers
Lots of artists use Facebook to promote music, so how can you stand out in the crowd? Follow these Facebook music promotion best practices and get a jump on ...
Should I Pay for Music Promotion? - Music Careers - About.com
Music PR companies charge for their services - and rightly so - but there is a lot of gray area. Learn more about whether you should pay for music promotion.
How to Self Promote Your Music - Music Careers - About.com
Unless you have major label money behind you, the ability to self promote your music is one of the most important skills you can have. When you don't have ...
How to Promote Music Online - Music Careers - About.com
Online music promotion can be a musician's best friend, but it can also be extremely overwhelming. Learn more about internet music promotion options and how ...
Use Twitter for Music Promotion - Music Careers - About.com
Can you use Twitter to promote your band, or is it just one more distraction? That all depends on how you use it. Find out how to use Twitter for your music career ...
Which Social Networking Sites Are Best for Music Promotion?
Share your success stories about promoting music on social networking sites and see what sites have turned in great results for your fellow musicians. Page 2.
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