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Music Management 101


Music managers are often referred to as the "fifth band member" - and for good reason. No other relationship in your music career will be as important as the relationship between bands and band managers. In the music management 101 guide, learn about life as an artist manager and life as a band working with a manager, from how to become a manager to what an music manager should do to help a band succeed.

1. Career Profile: Artist Manager

Just what does a music manager do anyway? Find out in this music career profile.

2. Career Profile: Tour Manager

A tour manager's role is a little different from an traditional management role, but their job is just as important when you're on the road. Learn more about what they do.

3. How to Find a Band Manager

So, you've decided you need some extra hands on deck. Learn how to find a manager who is the perfect fit for your band.

4. Before You Sign an Artist Manager Contract

You've found your dream manager, and all that is left is to make it official. Here's what you need to know before you ink that contract.

5. How to Work with Your Manager

Even with the world's best manager on board, you've got to get in the game to help them help you. Get the lowdown on how you can help your manager help you reach your music goals.

6. Do I Need a Manager?

Is it time to bring a band manager on board? It's a tough decision - a balancing act between what you can afford and when you have some work a manager can really sink their teeth into. Find out how to weigh it all up.

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