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Life as a Musician

The musician's life is not your average beast. From day jobs to transitioning to full time music and everything in between, life as a musician is about a lot more than just playing a few notes. Get tips on putting it all together, and find out what other musicians have to say about the challenges they face.

4 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Music Career
Don't stand in your own way of achieving your music industry goals. Get ahead by avoiding these self-sabotaging music business behaviors

5 Things Up-and-Coming Musicians Need to Know
What's an up-and-coming musician to do when you the music business itself is in transition? Kickstart your music career with these 5 pieces of advice.

Old-Fashioned Music Business Strategies You Should Be Using
Sure, there's a new music industry, but while that is all well and good, some old-fashioned music business ideas still have values. Try these old-fashioned strategies that could work.

Music and Message: Are Musicians Responsible
You say a lot of things in your songs. Do you mean them? Should you be held accountable for your content? Find out what guest author Ron Mexico has to say about the subject and weigh in with your own thoughts.

Can I Ever Make Money in the Music Business?
You've heard the panicked headlines about the death of the music business, but is it true? Get the facts in this Musicians' FAQ.

iPhone Tips for Musicians: Making Your iPhone Work for Your Music Career
Your iPhone may be great to passing the time, but when it comes to your music career, it is also a powerful tool. Find out from Ron Mexico in this article how you make your iPhone work for you.

5 Myths about The Music Industry
Let's play music industry myth busters with this collection of common music business untruths. Don't let these five music biz myths hold you back in your music career.

Tips for Band Auditions
Don't blow your big band audition before you even play your first note. Follow this advice to set yourself up to win big at your next audition.

What Is The First Thing I Should Do To Get Started as a Musician?
You've written the songs and they sound perfect. You're ready for your public. Now what? This is the point where many musicians fall off the trail and wonder what to do next. Scratching your head about that question yourself? Although there's no set answer, there are some basics you can consider to get yourself on the right path. Find out how to...

How to Prepare for a Music School Audition
Music school beckons, but one thing stands between you and your coveted seat - the music school audition. If you're wondering how to prepare for a music school audition, take a deep breath. The good news is that as intimidating as the whole thing might feel, preparation is a simple process of repetition and building confidence. You can do this....

Five Ways to Deal with Stage Fright - Coping with On Stage Fright
Does stage fright tend to sneak up on you once you're already on stage? If stage fright is a problem for you, you're not alone. Many - most - musicians experience some degree of stage fright, from pre-show butterflies to on-stage freezes. Some cases of pre-show or mid-show jitters are mild, but for other musicians, they can be enough to make...

How to Deal with Stage Fright
For musicians, stage fright comes with the territory. Rare is the performer who doesn't experience ANY pre-show butterflies, no matter how old hat performing has become. For some musicians, though, stage fright can be career ending. Playing live is part of the job description in the music industry, and being too scared to take to the stage could...

How Do You Deal with Stage Fright - Musicians Discuss Stage Fright Coping
If your knees start knocking when the lights go up, how do you deal with stage fright. Here, musicians discuss stage fright and how they deal with nervousness before a concert. See what other musicians have to say about coping with stage fright and share your own experiences with fear before a show.

Does Your Band Have a Contract - Band Member Contracts
Does your band have a contract? Why did you decide to have a band member contract? Which parts are most important to you? Share your ideas about band member contracts.

Musician List
Musicians - share your music here! We want to know about the music you are working on, how you're promoting it, where we can hear it, and much more. Add your music to our musician list or discover new music by browsing the list of musicians who have already added their music to the list.

How to Make Money as a Musician: Paying for Your Music Career
You need to make money as a musician if you want to make a living doing from your songs, but sometimes that is easier said than done. Learn more about you can make money from your music so you can leave the day job behind.

Do You Press Vinyl - Vinyl Pressing
CD sales are falling but vinyl sales are increasing. Do you press vinyl for your releases or is vinyl too expensive for small budgets? If you do press it, even if you think it is too expensive, why do you make the sacrifice? Share your stories.

Do You Want a Record Deal?
With all of the hype these days about record labels being a thing of the past, do you still want to find a record deal to release your music, or you do you think self releasing your record is the right way for you? Share your ideas about record deals and whether musicians need them anymore.

Find an Band Manager
So, you've determined that you need management, but how do you find a band manager? Learn how to find a music manager for your group and what to look for in a good artist manager.

Find Work as a Session Musician
One of the hardest parts of getting started with session work is figuring out how to find work as a session musician. Learn more about the different employment paths a session musician can take to build a music industry career.

Do You Self Release Your Music?
Do you self release your own music? How do your promote your music? Are you glad you have released your own music or do you wish you had a record deal? Share your stories about releasing your own music.

What Happens When the Band Breaks Up?
Band breakups can be emotionally rough, and they can have serious repercussions for everyone's music careers as well. Find out how to handle band breakup.

Start a Band
First things first - before you can do anything else with your music, you need to form a band. Putting your band together means building a foundation that you can work from to get your music heard - and making the wrong choices can lead to oh-so-much hassle. Learn more about starting your new favorite band.

Find Musicians for your Band
You've got the songs, now all you need are the people. If you're not sure how to start your band member search, these tips will point you in the right direction.

Music Industry Home Truths
There is a lot of misinformation out there about the music industry, and if you are trying to break into the business, this misinformation can be a real problem. Here are some music industry home truths and what you need to know about the music business.

Take Band Photos
Having a good band photo can help you get more press - find out how to take a band photo that is sure to get some attention.

Bands 101 - Managing your Band
If you want your band to be a success, you have to manage your career right from the start. Find the basic things that every band should do to get a shot at the spotlight.

Are Musicians Responsible for Their Lyrics - Musicians and Message
Music has a tremendous power to impact fans. Fan cultures spring up around specific artists and/or specific genres of music, and these cultures can impact everything from fashion sense to political affiliation. Since music IS so powerful, there have always been voices demanding that musicians think carefully about how they use that influence. What do you think? Should musicians ever self edit? Ho…

Managing Music Career Disappointments
Working in creative industries can be fraught with disappointments, and the music industry is no exception. The trick is to deal with the disappointments without losing track of your goals. Find out how to handle some common music biz bummers.

Music Business Rules - How to Get Ahead in the Music Industry
The music business is highly competitive, and getting a foot in the door can be notoriously difficult. If you have music business aspirations, however, there are a few things you can do to make yourself stand out from the competition. Following these rules can help you get noticed for all of the right reasons - give them a try if you want to get ahead.

Guest List Dos and Don'ts
Everyone is your best friend when you have control of the guest list, but managing it properly is important to building good relationships and getting your music heard by the people who can help you.

The $100 a Night Danger for Musicians
Is your music career worth trading for a $100 a night? Find out the dangers of the $100 a night show for musicians and what you can do instead to really build a foundation for a good music career.

A Musician's Guide to Guest Appearances
Being a guest on a musician's track is a big deal. Don't wear out your welcome. Follow this advice to become the guest who always gets a second invitation.

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