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Music Industry 101 Guides

What do you do when you need to make a big music business decision fast, but you're not even sure you understand what is being offered? These Music Industry 101 Guides will help you navigate the industry quickly, learning the basics you need to know to make those crucial next steps. Browse the 101 guides to find your topic of choice, and keep coming back as new Music Business 101 Guides are added.

Music Industry 101: Radio Basics
If you're dreaming of radio success but not sure where to begin, then you need to brush up on the basics of this portion of the music media landscape. In this Music Industry 101 Guide, learn about the world of radio and what you need to do before you try to get on the playlist.

Press Releases 101

A good press release can make or break you. Competition for the press is fierce, and your press release can often decide whether you're getting that coveted review/interview/preview/profile or not. This guide will walk you through writing the different kinds of press releases you're likely to encounter in your music career. Don't forget to check out the bottom of the page for links to more art…

Playing Live 101
Playing live just might be the best thing you can do for your music career. It gives you a chance to connect with your fans, attract new listeners and show off your musical chops to other people in the music industry. A lot of people shy away from playing live because they are not sure how to get started. Learn all about how to book a show and make the most of it, from how to book a venue to how …

Record Labels 101
Whether you have major label aspirations or want to know how to start a record label, this labels 101 guide has you covered. How DO you start a record label? What are the pros and cons of major labels and indie labels? Should you start a record label? How can you get money to start a record label? All these questions and more are covered right...

Choosing a Music Career 101

You know you want to work in the music industry, but what exactly do you want to do? There are lots of different jobs in the music biz, and just because you love music doesn't mean that EVERY music career will translate into the job of your dreams. This 101 guide will hip you to some of the different jobs in the music industry and what work is involved in each, so you can find your best music …

Money and Your Music Career 101

The number one struggle facing nearly everyone in the music industry is money. How do you find the money to complete your projects? How do you make money working in the music industry? What do you do until the money starts rolling in? This 101 guide to money and the music industry will walk you through all of the your options when it comes to coping with that sometimes stressful financial side…

Touring 101
If you want to go full time with your music, touring is a must. If you're new to the road, however, the prospect of touring can be pretty overwhelming. In this 101 guide, learn how to book the shows, manage the merch and pay for the whole thing.

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