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Being a Musician

Information for aspiring musicians on everything from recording a demo to getting noticed by record labels to protecting yourself in music contracts.
  1. Building Your Team (15)
  2. Demo Basics (10)
  3. Gigs and Touring (36)
  4. Life as a Musician (33)
  5. Musicians' FAQ (69)
  6. Release Your Music (38)
  7. Running Your Band (12)

Five Benefits of Being an Older Musician
Running up some years of life experience doesn't have to mean that your music career dreams are over. In fact, music life can begin after 30, 40 or beyond. Find out some benefits of entering the industry a little less wet behind the ears and a whole lot more savvy.

What Songs Should Be on My Wedding Singer Demo?
As a wedding singer, your demo is an extremely important tool for getting clients - but what songs should be a wedding singer's demo? Find out which songs you should turn to to find work as a wedding singer when making your demo.

How To Find Wedding Singer Jobs
How do you find wedding singers jobs? Getting booked as a wedding singer means a lot of pavement beating up front, but once you perform a few successful gigs, wedding singer jobs may come looking for you. Find out how to get started as a wedding singer and how you can build your own wedding music empire.

House Band
Becoming the house band can spell lucrative, steady work for musicians. Get the definition of a house band and find out how becoming the house band means a reliable paycheck.

Five Ways to Jumpstart Your Music Career

If last year was a let down for your music career, now is the time to start anew. Don't sit around waiting for your music career to happen to you - step up and make it happen! Here are five ideas to breathe new life into your music career and to make sure you are building a foundation for long term music industry success. 

Which Genre of Music is Hardest to Break Into?
Pop, Hip Hop, Country, Rock - which genre of music is hardest to break into? Which style of musicians find it hardest to get their big break - and why? Share your thoughts on what music genre is hardest to break into and see what your fellow musicians had to say.

Music Industry Quick Tip: Don't Stop at No
The word "no" is one you hear a lot in the music industry, but how can you capitalize on a "no"? In this music industry quick tip, find out why you shouldn't ever let "no" be the end of the road.

How to Set Up a Blazetrak Account
How can you set up a Blazetrak account so you get submit your work to the industry pros for advice? Find out more about how to set up a Blazetrak account.

Musician List
Musicians - share your music here! We want to know about the music you are working on, how you're promoting it, where we can hear it, and much more. Add your music to our musician list or discover new music by browsing the list of musicians who have already added their music to the list.

How To Work With Your Manager
Artist managers can make a big difference in your music career but they can only help you if you know how to work with them. Find out how to work with your artist manager.

Band Management - Do You Have an Artist Manager
Is band management still a must? There are so many tools that musicians can use these days to run their own careers, so is splitting the pie with an artist manager really worth it? Do you think bands need help running the business side of their careers no matter what? Share your thoughts.

Meta Tag Your Songs
Putting the right meta tags on your music should be a priority for all musicians. Learn why meta tags for music are so important.

Top Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Manager

The decision to hire a band manager is one of the most important ones you will make. You often hear musicians refer to artist managers as a member of the group, and for good reason. Managers are usually intimately involved in every decision you make as a band, and they have tremendous power to mold the direction of your career. Of course it makes sense to be cautious when you're shopping for m…

Find an Band Manager
So, you've determined that you need management, but how do you find a band manager? Learn how to find a music manager for your group and what to look for in a good artist manager.

Find Work as a Session Musician
One of the hardest parts of getting started with session work is figuring out how to find work as a session musician. Learn more about the different employment paths a session musician can take to build a music industry career.

How to Make Money as a Musician: Paying for Your Music Career
You need to make money as a musician if you want to make a living doing from your songs, but sometimes that is easier said than done. Learn more about you can make money from your music so you can leave the day job behind.

Write a Band Bio
Your band bio introduces fans and music industry types alike to you and your music. Find out how to write a band biography that includes all of the right information to show you off in the best light.

Musicians' Top Mistakes Online
The internet can be a musician's best friend or worst enemy, depending on how you approach it. Find out more about musicians and the web, including musicians' biggest mistakes on the internet.

Take Advantage of a Gig - Turn Your Audience into Fans
Playing a show is a great way for musicians to earn new fans, but to make the most of every concert you have to do a little bit of gig promotion work at the show. Find out how to make sure your audience comes back to hear your music again and again.

Hip Hop-Rap Beatmakers/Producers and Representation
Hip hop producers and hip hop beatmakers occupy a unique space in the music industry, and getting started in these field often requires a different approach that in other genres. Find out more about getting started as a hip hop producer and beatmaker and what role representation plays in the process.

Are Musicians Responsible for Their Lyrics - Musicians and Message
Music has a tremendous power to impact fans. Fan cultures spring up around specific artists and/or specific genres of music, and these cultures can impact everything from fashion sense to political affiliation. Since music IS so powerful, there have always been voices demanding that musicians think carefully about how they use that influence. What do you think? Should musicians ever self edit? Ho…

Music Industry Quick Tip: Put Music First
What is the very first step you should take if you want to make it in the music industry? Make good music. Find out why you can't put the cart before the horse and worry about promotion, digital strategy, distribution or social networking before you have perfected your craft - and why your music is still the most important thing you will do today for your music careers.

Five Reasons Musicians Should Fear The Internet - and Five Reasons To Love It

Is the internet good for musicians and the music industry? Well, that depends on who you ask. Some longtime musicians (cough, cough, Prince, John Mellencamp, cough, cough) think that internet is a disaster for musicians and the industry - even though in Prince's case, he has quite successfully used the internet in the past and even won an award for his innovative use of the net.

In the other corner, you'll find the internet evangelists who believe that keyboard, website and social networking followers are all you really need these days to become a music sensation.

So, who is right? Well, what if they both are? Maybe the truth about the internet and the music industry is somewhere in the middle. Maybe the net isn't going to kill the music biz, but maybe it's not going to save it, either. Could it be? Consider these five reasons musicians should fear the internet - and five reasons they should love it - and decide for yourself.

Five Tips for Coping with Addiction in the Music Industry
The music industry is not the non-stop party they often depict in the movies, but the truth is that that reputation exists for a reason. The annals of music history are filled with the stories of the wild antics of musicians, and even when the story ends in the death of said musicians from alcohol, drugs or suicide, there still tends to a...

Music Industry Quick Tip - Make It Easy for Your Fans
Why should being your fan be hard work? For your fans, loving you should be easy - find out what it matters.

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