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Serchlite Music


The Basics:

  • What: Promotions and production company Serchlite Music
  • Where: New York, New York
  • Founded by: MC Serch (real name Michael Berrin), day to day operations run by CC Smooth (real name Carrie Carnie)
  • Founded: 1991

Early Days: Nas and Illmatic:

MC Serch had introduced the world to a young rapper, then called Nasty Nas, when Serch produced the soundtrack to the film Zebrahead. After helping Nas land a deal with Columbia Records, Serch founded Serchlite as a production company to work on Nas' debut release. The resulting album, Illmatic, executive produced by Serch, earned both massive sales and critical acclaim, and is considered by many to be one of the best hip-hop albums of all time. The company followed up by promoting O.C.'s Word...Life next, which gave Serchlite the opportunity to simulataneously develop their own brand.

Serchlite Promotions:

While Serchlite was involved in branding and promotions between 1991 and 1998 (notably putting clothing company Ecko on the map), it wasn't until 1998 that Serchlite Promotions was officially formed. This branch of the company is involved with radio promotions, and they have successfully promoted a lengthy list of hits to the Billboard charts as well as radio station playlists around the country.

Other Clients:

Although Serchlite was born from music and the company is still heavily involved in music promotion, some of their biggest clients are outside of the music world, including:

  • Kiehl's
  • Bliss
  • Grolsch
  • Red Bull
  • Joseph Abboud
  • ESPN
Serchlite has also moved into event planning, hosting NFL and NBA draft parties and Monday Night Football parties in NYC.

Serchlite Digital:

Seeing a lack of resources and opportunities for indie hip hop artists in terms of digital distribution, Serchlite formed Serchlite Digital to give these independent artists a foot in the door in the digital world. Serchlite Digital works with eMusic and The Orchard in terms of placing music and handles some promotional duties in house.

If you are interested in digital distribution via Serchlite, you can find contact information on their website - make sure you include "Serchlite Digital" in your subject line or on your envelope.

VH1 and ego trip:

Serchlite's reach is ever increased by Serch's outside projects, and probably nothing has expanded introduced Serchlite to the world like his recent TV series. Serch has twice teamed with VH1 and ego trip on reality TV shows:

  • 2007's The (White) Rapper Show, also featuring Prince Paul
  • 2008's Miss Rap Supreme, also featuring Yo Yo
These shows have consistently been among VH1's ratings winners, and Serch can often be seen wearing clothes bearing the Serchlite company logo on air.

Peace in the Middle East:

In 2007, Serch teamed up with North Carolina DJ Waleed Coyote on a new project called Peace in the Middle East. This ongoing project features music from Palestinian and Jewish MCs and is available exclusively via Serchlite's website. All of the proceeds from the project are donated to orphanages to in Jerusalem caring for both Israeli and Palestinian children who have lost their parents in the conflict.

Serch on the Radio - The Saturday Night Serchlite:

One more feather in the Serchlite cap was added in April, 2008, when Serch began hosting The Saturday Night Serchlite on Detroit's Hot 102.7. The show can be heard every Saturday from 6pm - 10pm or online on the station's website. You can submit your music for consideration to be played on the air to serchlitemusic@gmail.com with the subject "Hot Excluvive for your Radio Show."

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