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Concert Tour Itinerary Template


Whether you have a tour manager or are going it alone, a concert tour itinerary is your life-on-the-road BFF. The tour itinerary should have all of the information you need about your shows, accommodation and more, all in one handy place. Not sure how to put one together? This template will help. But first, a few caveats: you can write your itinerary anyway you see fit - this is simply a guide to the kind of information you should include. Also, the bigger the tour, in terms of budget, length and personnel, the more complex the tour itinerary gets. The example here has most relevance to smaller, indie/DIY tours.

OK, then. Here is your tour itinerary template:

  • Date and City - At the top of the page, put the date and the city you will be in for that day.
  • Venue Name, Address and Phone Number
  • Promoter/Venue Contact Person - Who is promoting the show? Include name, phone number and email address
  • Contacts for Other Acts - If you can, include contacts for other acts on the bill.
  • Press Obligations - Are you expected for any interviews/radio sessions? Are there any phone interviews planned? Include time, location, and contacts.
  • Show Details - Load-in, soundcheck, doors, stage and finish times. Also include what position you are in on the bill and the name of the other acts.
  • Fee for The Show - What is the agreed fee for the show? Who made the agreement? Is there a contract?
  • Accommodation Info - Where will you be staying? Include name, address, phone number, and reservation number (assuming you're not couch crashing!). Also include directions from the venue, room rate, number of rooms and/or info on whether the room was provided by the promoter.
  • Additional Info - Here, put any special details specific to this show. Are you sharing a drum kit with the openers? Is the promoter providing a meal? Is there a venue fee for selling merch? How many guest lists spots do you have? Any important people expect to be at the show? Make sure all of these relevant little details go here.
  • What's Up Next? - Where are you heading tomorrow? How long will it take to get there and what time does everyone need to be in the van? Don't forget to account for any press obligations you need to roll into town early for.

It's a good idea for everyone on the tour to have a copy of the tour itinerary and for there to be a main page that includes cell phones for everyone else on the tour, plus info about any p.d.s everyone should expect to get. You should also map out the whole tour, with complete driving directions. You can decide if everyone needs a copy of all of the directions or if it is ok for just the drive to have that info, but you should include traveling times on everyone's itinerary.

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