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Press Kit



A music press kit is a tool used by musicians, labels, agents and managers to promote a group, a new release or a tour. Some music press kits are very simple while others contain a lot of bells and whistles, but they should all definitely include:

Think of a press kit as similar to a proposal a business might put together. You want a professional presentation. Most press kits come in folders that contain all of the appropriate information, and in some cases, press kits are even bound in a notebook. Kits may feature the album cover art, photos of the artists or all of the above.

Band photos used to be a critical part of press kits, but these days, digital images are preferred. You can include a disc with photos, or you can keep press ready photos on your website, ready to be downloaded by anyone who needs them.

Press kits themselves have gone electronic these days, with EPKs - electronic press kits that contain all of this info in digital form - gaining in popularity. EPKs can simply be emailed to everyone you want to target with a music press kit. Be careful, however. Make sure EPKs are welcome before you send them - some people still prefer the hard copy method.

Also Known As: press pack
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