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Music Career Profiles - Music Industry Job Descriptions

You know you love music, but you're just not sure which job in the music business is the perfect one for you. Browse these music industry job profiles and figure out which one has "you" written all over it.

What Skills Does A Band Manager Need?
The thing that stops most aspiring managers from getting off the block is worry that they don't have the skills or knowledge to make it as a band manager - or that they aren't really even sure what those skills and knowledge are. If you'd like to try to management but aren't sure you're prepared, check out these skills and knowledge sets that...

What To Look For In A Band To Manage
Looking for a band to help you break into artist management? Though liking the music helps, the trick is to look past that and look instead for other signs that you'll be able to build a long lasting business relationship with these musicians. Before you decide to manage a band, look out for these signs.

Music Therapist Career Profile
Music therapists turn music into a healing tool for patients with a wide range of physical and emotional issues. Is this the career for you? Learn about the work of music therapists and the educational requirements for breaking into the field.

How To Find Wedding Singer Jobs
How do you find wedding singers jobs? Getting booked as a wedding singer means a lot of pavement beating up front, but once you perform a few successful gigs, wedding singer jobs may come looking for you. Find out how to get started as a wedding singer and how you can build your own wedding music empire.

Wedding Singer Career Profile
Becoming a wedding singer gives you a great opportunity to make money using your vocal talents. Being a wedding singer is demanding - you are an important part of an important day, and failing to deliver just won't due. However, the work is also lucrative. If you gain a reputation as a top notch wedding singer, then you'll have more work than...

Music Manager List
Music managers, tell us about yourselves by joining the music industry contact list. Artist managers can share info about their work and how clients can reach them. If you need to find a music manager, browse this list of contacts to find your perfect music manager match. See submissions

Entertainment Lawyer List
Are you an entertainment lawyer? Share information about your entertainment law practice and your advice for musicians and aspiring entertainment lawyers here on the music industry contact list. See submissions

Music Distributor Career Profile
Music distributors are the link between labels and musicians and the people who want to buy their music. Find out what is it like to work in music distribution in this music career profile of music distributors.

Tour Manager Career Profile
Tour managers make sure things go smoothly on the road. Find out about music tour managers, including how to get a job as a tour manager and what a tour manager does.

A&R Career Profile
A&R - short for artist and repertoire - was once one of the most desired music careers, but in recent times, there has been a lot of debate about whether or not it even exists anymore. Learn more about A&R jobs, including how to get them, how to get paid, and how to learn this dying art.

Music Teacher Career Profile
If you have musical talent and the patience to share your knowledge with others, a music teacher job might be the right music career for you. Learn more about work as a music teacher and the different career paths you can take when you teach music for a living.

Record Producer Career Profile
Record producers can be as important (and let's be honest - more important in some cases) that the musicians in the studio. Music producers can have a very active role in shaping the sound of an album, although some producers take more of a backseat role. Learn more about work as a record producer, how to become a record producer, music...

Music Journalist Career Profile
Not all music jobs are on stage or behind the scenes - someone has to be write about the music and let the fans know what's going on. Music journalists get to stay on the cutting edge of all of the new music releases and music news, and thanks to the internet, there are lots of new opportunities in this field. Find out how to become a music journalist.

Cover Art Graphic Designer Career Profile
Having the perfect artwork makes a great record that little bit more special. Even with the rise in digital music, album covers and CD covers still matter to people - some digital music sites even let people download the artwork and liner notes with their songs. Find out how to break into album artwork design and what the job is like.

Radio Plugger Career Profile
Do you want to help influence the radio playlists? Then you may want to become a radio plugger. Radio pluggers promote music to radio stations in hopes of getting the artists they worked for played on air. Learn more about radio PR and radio plugging, including how you can find a plugger if you are the artist and how to become a radio plugger if you think it might be the career for you.

Artist Manager
Love music, but can't play? Artist management may be for you. Find out what a day is like in the life of a band manager and how to get started in this field.

Music Agent
If you want to be the one who makes the tours happen, then the job of a music agent may be for you. Agents work with promoters and bands to make sure concerts get booked - find out more about how this job works, and how you can become an agent yourself.

Music Promoter
Promoters work hand in hand with agents and bands to make shows happen. They get the word out about upcoming events and make sure there is a full house to hear the band. Find out what being a promoter involves and decide if this job is right for you.

Radio Development Manager
Find out what it's like to work in radio programming development, and what it takes to get there.

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