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Music Contracts

Music contracts are often overlooked on the indie level and can be scary on the major level. Learn about music industry contracts, when you need one, how to write one and where to turn when you're not sure if you should sign. Keep in mind that this advice is general in nature and often most applicable to the indie level. As the deals get bigger, the contracts get more complex and further reaching.

Sign a Music Promoter Contract
Contracts are a good way for music promoters and bands alike to ensure their show goes off without a hitch. Find out how to write a contract that is fair to both parties and covers all the important points.

Sign a 360 Deal
360 deals are becoming standard for record deals, but should you sign one? Find out the questions you should ask before you sign a 360 record deal.

Sign a Music Producer Contract
If you are recording an album and working with an outside producer, then you are going to need a music producer contract. Learn more about music producer contracts, including what makes a fair contract and which parts are negotiable.

Sign a Music Manager Contract
Before your sign a music manager contract, there are a lot of factors you need to consider. Signing a bad contract can have repercussions for a long time. Before you consider signing, consider the advice laid out here.

Do You Write Your Own Music Contracts - Music Contracts
From recording contracts to band contracts, music management contracts, promotion contracts and more, getting things in writing is a must in the music industry, even when there isn't much money in the budget for a lawyer. How do you handle your contracts? Do you work with the other party to come to an agreement together, or do you turn to a legal team every time? Share your stories and advice.

Spot a Bad Music Deal
Unfortunately, the music industry is rife with people looking to make a quick buck off of your dreams. Spotting a bad deal will save you a lot of heartache down the line. Learn the signs of a deal that should have you running in the other direction.

Indie Label Contracts
Being a small label is never a good reason for being a label without a contract. Indie label contracts don't have to be complicated, and they protect bands and labels alike. Find out how to come up with an easy contract that will help make sure everyone involved in a deal is on the same page.

Music Biz Academy
The Music Biz Academy website walks you through a brief rundown of the basic points you should look for in a music contract, plus any red flags you need to worry about.

Music Legal Forms
Music Legal Forms offers bare boned music contracts, for things like session work, DJing gigs, live performances, recording, and songwriting. Contracts cost around $15 each.

Legal Jungle Guide
The Legal Jungle Guide offers free legal advice for musicians and free downloadable contracts. This site is especially useful for management and agency contracts.

Music Law Advice
Music Law Advice gives independent legal advice to people on all sides of the music industry, at a price that even start ups can afford.

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