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Who Votes for Grammys?


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Question: Who Votes for Grammys?

The Grammy voting process is a tiered system. Musicians and labels can submit recorded music to the Recording Academy for consideration. A group of 150 Grammy Academy members receive each submission to make sure it meets the qualifications for being considered for a Grammy in that year for which it has been submitted. The individual members of each group that votes for which submission they want to see nominated in which category. These votes are tabulated and the five leading vote getters in each category become the Grammy nominees.

At this stage, voting is opened up to all voting members of the Recording Academy - these are members who have been credited on at least six commercially released songs (credits can be technical or creative). Recording Academy members can vote in each general category (i.e., Song of the Year) and a limited number of subcategories. These votes are then counted, and the winner in each category becomes the Grammy winner.

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