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Music Career New Years Resolutions

Music Career New Years Resolutions


You've made all of the usual resolutions - save money, eat better, exercise more - but what about your music career New Year resolutions? This can be a great time of year to give your music career a kick in the pants and renew your commitment to your goals. With a little bit of planning, your music career resolutions could be the only resolutions you actually end up keeping.

What kind of resolutions should you be making? The answer depends on your personal music career goals. Figure out where you want to be this time next year, and then use these tools to help you get there:

Band Basics:

Whether you need to find some people to play with or you're on the hunt for a record deal, make this year the time it happens for you. Need some ideas to get started? These guides will help you take the first step:

Promote Yourself:

If no one knows the name of your band or label at the start of the year, make sure everyone is talking about you by the end. Generate a little buzz about your music project this year with a little self promotion:

Protect Yourself:

Tired of all of your music relationships ending in heartache and despair? Protect your friendships and your interests by getting it all down on paper and educating yourself about your rights:

Put on a Show:

If you want fans, you have to play live. Make this the year you take to the stage in a serious way:

Find Your Perfect Music Career

Just because you can't carry a tune doesn't mean you have to stay out of the game. There are tons of music career options for the motivated music lover. Get off the bench this year and find out which music career is right for you:

Fund Your Music Career

One of the toughest things about getting start in the music biz - and staying in the music biz - is managing your finances. There is help out there, however. Find out how to uncover your music biz pot of gold:

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