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Create a MySpace Music Page


For many bands, MySpace Music is where it's at. Even if you remain unconvinced that MySpace is the only thing between you and the music recognition you deserve, having a MySpace page never hurts - after all, you never know what that one thing that is going to do the trick for you will be. Luckily, signing up for a MySpace music page couldn't be easier. In a few clicks, you'll be posed for internet stardom.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 5 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Make Sure You've Got the Right MySpace:

    OK, this might sound obvious, but when you specifically want a MySpace music page, then you need to sign up through MySpace Music. This section of MySpace is for musicians only and this part of the site is where fans go to browse for new music. Don't create a standard profile on the social networking part of the site, or you will cut down the chances of new fans finding you.

  2. Gather Your Info:

    MySpace is going to need some information from you to set up the account, so make sure you have the following details ready to provide:

    • email address for the account
    • band name
    • band bio/personal info about the band
    • band website, if applicable
    • label info, if applicable
    • genre (always a potentially tricky one to answer)

    If you have songs, videos or other promotional materials you want on the site, you'll need those handy for the set up process as well.

  3. Follow the Leader:

    The actual details of what setting up your page will be like will vary from person to person, depending on what you want your site to look like and how much info you plan to include on the page. Fortunately, the MySpace website guides you through the process, prompting you to enter the right info at the right time. Some of the decisions you'll need to make include:

    • graphics
    • blog
    • songs (you can include up to four)
    • videos
    • photos

    If you're not sure exactly what you want the finish product to look like, don't worry. You can update and edit the site any time, so it can grow with your band.

  4. Make Friends:

    A MySpace page is nothing without some friends, so once your page is set up, start checking out the neighborhood. You can send friend requests via your page when you see a site you like, and once they accept the request, your page will feature on their "friends" list and theirs will be on yours. Many bands go for the "buy in bulk" approach to friends trying to build up their contact list as much as possible, so you can decide if you want to reach out to all musicians or to bands who have some sounds in common with you.


  1. Know Who Is In Charge:

    Everyone in the band is likely to be enthusiastic about the MySpace page at first, and while you're in the MySpace honeymoon phase, you may all be fighting over who gets to do the updates. As time winds on, however, like anything else, keeping the MySpace page updated can get to be a chore. Make sure you know whose job it will be to make sure the page stays fresh, so you don't all end up passing the buck. Having one messenger will ensure the page is active and ensure that there is no conflicting info on the site.

  2. Change the Songs:

    For that matter, change everything from time to time. If you add new material to your site every now and again, you'll keep the users interested in coming back to see what else you're up to.

  3. Don't Neglect Your Friends:

    This one can be a little tricky when you have tons and tons of friends, but when someone sends a message to your site, it is nice to respond to them. Another way of communicating with all of your friends is sending out a message to all of them announcing some news or just saying hello. One of the tricky parts about MySpace is that bands often try and gather as many friends as possible, making communicating with them personally difficult, but then these bands get indignant about friends who only send them messages promoting their own music. Try to find a balance that works for you.

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