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Music Industry Myths: Someone Can Tell You How to Make It In The Music Industry


There are tons of myths about how the music industry operates, and when you're trying to break into the business, these misconceptions can send you down the wrong path in a big way. This is part one in a series looking at common music business myths so you can avoid falling prey to them. Be sure to check the bottom of the article for more information.

This might sound like a funny myth coming from a site that exists to provide advice about making in the music industry. The keyword here is *advice* - getting advice about building a career in the music industry is a good thing. That can be helpful, and there are plenty of good resources you can tap into for advice - and many of them are free. That's not what this myth is all about. This myth involves those promises that go beyond advice - it's about those promises that you're bound to have come across that someone can make you a star, guaranteed.

Think of the stories of your favorite musicians, labels, etc. What is the one thing they all have in common? That no one took exactly the same road to reach their goals. The reason? There simply ISN'T a straightforward plan you can follow to from point A to point B in the music business. You should familiarize yourself with the basics of how the business works, and you can take inspiration from the stories of others - sure. But the most successful people in the music business are the ones who carved out their own way and just went for it. Those kinds of things can be tough to replicate, and there is no guarantee that what worked for someone else will work for you. No matter how much someone jumps up and down and insists they can promise you surefire music industry success, they just can't. You should be very wary of taking advice from anyone who tells you that they have the magic formula.

Getting bad advice or getting your hopes up for nothing is bad enough, but the real rub here is that most of the time the people who are promising instant success have the nerve to CHARGE YOU MONEY for their advice. Don't buy it - figuratively or literally.

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