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Five Reasons No One is Writing You Back

Five Music Industry Email Issues


You've sent out emails about your new demo, album, label or music project, and now you're waiting. And waiting. Refreshing...refreshing again...nope, still nothing....and you're still waiting. Why? If your music industry emails seem to always go unanswered, find out five reasons that could be behind the delay. As you'll see, some things are out of your hands, but it is also possible you're making a few simple mistakes that are stopping you from getting the responses you're after.

1. They're Busy

Show me the teeniest, tiniest music related business you can fathom, and I'll show you an inbox that would make you weep. You'd be surprised just how many people are likely to be knocking on the same door as you, from the local music journalist to the radio PR company. They might simply not have gotten around to giving your email the attention it deserves yet. In other words, no response isn't necessarily an indictment on your music or project. It could just be logistics.

By the way, don't take it personally, like you're getting treated like a second class citizen because your email isn't going into the high priority pile. If you start working with this person, you'll appreciate the fact they put their exisiting business relationships before offers for new work. Plus, it will be worth the wait if they give you their full attention and respond to your email completely rather than dashing off one line, pressing send, and scratching you off the to-do list.

2. You Didn't Give Them Enough Info

Did your email look something like this?:

Check out my music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*your web address here*

 It did? OK, SO not good enough. You're asking someone to do a whole lot of legwork here, and you're not even giving them any reason to do it. Instead, introduce yourself. Explain a little bit about your music and background. Tell them why you're contacting them. Explaining why you're contacting someone means telling them both what you want from them and why you think they're the person to help you. For example, "I'm hoping you will consider reviewing my new EP on your site. I know you're a big Smiths fan, and they are a big influence on my music."

If you make it clear what you want and show that you've carefully considered WHO you're contacting (in other words, you show that you're not willy nilly sending emails out so that the country label ends up wasting time on your metal demo), then you've given the person on the other end some good reasons to take your requests seriously.


3. You Sent an Attachment

Even if you made it past the spam filter, instant delete.

4. You've Contacted the Wrong Person

Speaking of letting someone know you spent some time researching them before reaching out, contacting the wrong person usually ends in inbox dead air. If you send your promo to a writer who doesn't do reviews or you emailed an agent when you want a manager and so on, you're likely to get nada in return. Some kind souls might email you back to explain, but most won't. Why? See number one.

5. They're Just Not That Into You

Yes, ok, it happens. Someone may listen to your music or consider your project and decide it's just not for them. Some people may get in touch with a "thanks but no thanks" in that case, but others may just let it go. There's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of here. You don't want to work with someone who doesn't get your stuff. You'll move on to find another work partner who gets your vision and is completely on board with where you want to go, and everyone wins. Don't ever let a non-response make you doubt what you're doing. You only lose when you stop trying.

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