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Money and Your Music Career 101


The number one struggle facing nearly everyone in the music industry is money. How do you find the money to complete your projects? How do you make money working in the music industry? What do you do until the money starts rolling in? This 101 guide to money and the music industry will walk you through all of the your options when it comes to coping with that sometimes stressful financial side of the music business.

1. How to Pay for Your Music Career

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Money is always an issue in the music industry, period. For most people, the decision to work in the music business is the easy party. Things get a little harder when it comes time to pay for that music career. Learn about your options.

2. Before You Apply for Music Industry Funding

Applying for music industry is a big decision. Sure, the money is helpful, but there are some definite downsides you need to consider very carefully. Learn more about what you need to know before you apply for music industry funding of any kind.

3. Before You Work With a Music Industry Investor

Working with an investor can be the best thing or worst thing that ever happened to you. Find out what you need to know before you start a relationship with a music investor.

4. Music Industry Investors

Just who invests money in the music industry anyway? Find out more about the different people you're likely to encounter when you're trying to source cash for your music career, including what you need to consider before working with each one.

5. How to Write a Music Funding Application

Arts councils and public arts funding bodies are popular sources for music funding (where they exist, anyway). The application process can be tedious, and one wrong step could blow your chances of sourcing the cash you need. Learn how to put together a winning application so you can move forward with your music project.

6. Loans and Grants: How to Spend It

OK, so you got the money you wanted. Party! Well, not so fast. That money will go faster than you expect, and you can still find your project at a standstill if you aren't careful about how you spend your new found cash. Learn more.

7. What NOT to Pay for in Your Music Career

Paying for music career is hard enough without shelling out for things you should be getting for free. Find out more about when to keep your wallet in your pocket.

8. How to Make Money as a Musician

You've got the songs, but how do you make the transition from day job to full time musician? Learn more about how you can earn an income as a musician.

9. How to Get Paid in Your Music Career

Most music jobs don't come with a steady paycheck and reliable annual salary. Learn how various music jobs are compensated so you know what to expect if you're hoping to make music your career.

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