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Music Promotion and Publicity

Band, label, promoter, agent, manager - no matter what your role in the music industry, promotion and publicity are key to making to making it happen. Get advice on how to let the fans knows about the music through good music promotion.
  1. Music Self-Promotion (22)

Music Journalism: Tips for Interviewing Musicians
Don't be intimidated by your first music journalism job. Interview musicians with confidence with these tips.

5 Signs You Should Hire a Music Promotion Company
In-house music promotion is how many self-released musicians and small independent record labels get the job done. However, there comes a time when hiring a music promotion company is the right call. What are the signs that your new music release needs the professional music promotion treatment? Find out.

Do I Need CDs for Radio Promotion?
When you promote your music to radio, the format in which you send it is crucial. Does you need CDs to promote to radio? Turns out that it depends. Learn more.

How Long Should A Radio Edit Be?
Does it matter how long your song is when you send it to radio stations? You bet it does. Find out how long your radio edit should be to have the best chance of getting played on air - and learn how your genre of music could dictate how long your song can be.

What is the Difference Between Commercial Radio and Non-Commercial Radio?
Non-commercial radio and commercial radio are two very beasts when it comes to radio promotion. Learn the difference between these station types and find out what it means to you as you try to get your song played on the radio.

How Do I Get My Song on the Radio?
What musician doesn't want to know how to get their song on the radio? The process is simple on the surface but much more complex when you take a closer look. The trick is understanding which stations to approach so you have the best chances of getting those playlist spots. Here's what you need to know about getting you song on the radio.

Radio Add Date
For commercial radio campaigns, a radio add date is a must. Learn what exactly an add date is and how it impacts your radio promotion campaign.

Five Things You Should Know About Commercial Radio
Is commercial radio your great white whale? Big league commercial stations can be the domain of major labels, but hundreds of smaller commercial stations out there are willing to give an up and coming indie act a go - as long as you know how to approach them. Here are five things you should know about commercial radio before you plan a radio...

How to Add Music Videos to Vimeo
Tired of fighting the crowds (and mindless comments) on YouTube? Try promoting your music videos on Vimeo! This guide will help you navigate the Vimeo upload process.

Should I Use Topspin?
Topspin Media offers musicians, managers and labels a powerful software platform for connecting with fans, but is it the right choice for you? And is Topspin good? Find out if you should use Topspin Media in your music career.

Should Record Labels Back Off on YouTube - YouTube and Record Labels
When it comes to music videos on YouTube, where does music promotion end and piracy begin? Should record labels back off when it comes to YouTube, or should they work hard to make sure no one is has submitted videos without the proper licenses? Share your thoughts.

Plan a Music PR Campaign: Five Steps
The thought of planning your own music PR campaign got you down? The process isn't as tough as you may be thinking. These five steps will help you put together a solid plan and get the press you need.

Holiday Music Promotion Tips - Promote Your Music During The Holidays
The major labels work hard to sell a lot of records around the holidays, but what about holiday music promotion for the rest of us? Share your plans for holiday music promotion and how you use the holidays to reward your fans.

Music Industry Quick Tip: Work With Your PR Company
You have spent the money to hire a music PR company, now how can you help to have a successful music PR campaign? There is more to a good music promotion campaign than writing a check. Learn more about how to promote your music with a music PR company successfully.

Start a Band Newsletter
Bands newsletters are a great way to keep your fans informed and engaged with your music. Find out how to start a band newsletter and how to use band newsletters to communicate with your fans.

Put Music Videos on YouTube
Once you learn how to put music videos on YouTube, you can share your music videos with fans everywhere. Using YouTube is free, so when you put music videos on YouTube, you tap into a valuable stream of free promotion. It couldn't be easier to put your music video on YouTube. Learn how.

What Should - and Shouldn't - Be on Your Artist Website
Social networking sites are not enough - you need your own music website to develop your music identity. But what information should you put on your artist website? Find out what you should - and shouldn't - put on your artist website.

Do You Have Your Own Musician Website - Music Websites
When it comes to your online music presence, do you rely on your social networking profiles, or do you have your own website? Why do you run things the way you do? Share your stories and the pros and cons of managing your online music promotion work the way you do

Hire Music PR
What are the questions to ask before you hire music PR? Asking these questions is important to make sure you get the most out of the money you spend on PR. Find out more about the question to ask before you hire music PR.

Get College Radio Plays
College radio can be your best friends as an up and coming artist. You can increase your chance to get college radio plays by following a few simple rules. Learn how to get college radio plays.

Music Industry Quick Tip: Be Honest in Your Press Releases
It can be tempting to stretch the truth a little in your music press releases, but being honest is critical. Learn more about how to play it straight when you write a music press release and why it matters so much.

Share Your Music Press Releases
Writing music press releases is hard work, but you're not in it alone! Post your music press releases here and check out the music press releases other musicians and labels have written. Get feedback, get some ideas and if you're a first timer, see how a music press release should work.

Which Social Networking Sites Are Best for Music Promotion?
There seems to be more social networking sites for musicians springing up every day, but which ones are worth your time? Share your success stories about promoting music on social networking sites and see what sites have turned in great results for your fellow musicians.

Reverb Nation Profile
Reverb Nation makes managing all of your online identities a breeze. Get the answer to what is reverb nation and find out how to use Reverb Nation for music promotion.

How to Set Up a Music Website - Step by Step
Learn how to set up a band website and communicate with your fans in a way MySpace and Facebook just can't offer. This step by step guide will teach you how to set up a music website, even if you've never done anything like this before, plus it offers tips why you need your own site and how to make the most of it.

Album Press Release Template
If you want to sell records, you have to let people know the music is out there. A well written press release will help you get the word out.

Tour Press Release Template
You want bums on seats for your shows? Then you need to let people know they're happening! A tour press release is what you need to get media coverage of your upcoming show - this press release template shows you how.

News Press Release Template
When you get some good news about a project you have been working on, don't keep it to yourself! Make sure you share that news with the media to get some extra press coverage. This template will help you spread the good word.

MySpace Music Profile
Some people think that MySpace Music has turned the music biz on its head while others think it is one more nail in the coffin of good music. Love it or hate it, you can't ignore it, so find out if MySpace might be able to help you.

Your Direct to Fan Marketing Stories
Direct-to-fan marketing is a great way to develop your fan base while keeping more money in your pocket - but how do you get the job done? Share your direct-to-fan marketing tips, including what tools you use to manage your fan relationships.

Music PR Companies
Join the music PR company list! If you run a music PR company, add a listing to the About.com Music Careers music industry database to let potential clients know how to reach you. If you are looking for a music PR company, browse the companies on the database to find one who understands your music and can get your the press attention you need. See submissions

How to Deal with a Bad Music Review
You've been waiting with baited breath after hearing you were going to get a music review - then the review comes in, and well, it ain't pretty. What should you do after a bad music review? Learn how to deal with a bad music review and how to not let it get you off track.

Music Industry Quick Tip: Always Have a Photo
One way to increase the odds of getting music press coverage is making sure you always have a band photo ready to go. Learn more in the music industry quick tip.

Five Music Industry Email Mistakes
When you are trying to get your music career off the ground, there is a lot of cold calling - or rather, cold emailing - involved. As you reach a more comfortable place in your music career, you'll discover that that part of the job never really goes away. Knocking on cyberdoors just comes with the territory in the music industry. Of course, some of those emails are going to go unanswered - it's…

College Radio Station List
Calling all college radio stations and college radio DJs! Promote your college radio station and/or college radio show here on the About.com Music Careers Music Industry Contact List. Create a listing for your college radio station or college radio show and let us know about your station - what kind of music you play, how you like to receive promos, how students on your campus can get involved - …See submissions

What Are Radio Markets?
Radio markets are everything when you're trying to get your song played on the radio. Find out what these markets are and how they apply to you as you go about promoting your music.

Do The Grammys Represent the Music Industry?
Are the Grammys really the biggest award a musician can win? Are the Grammys really only for major label artists? Share your thoughts!

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