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ReverbNation Profile


What is ReverbNation?:

For musicians, the new promotion opportunities created by the internet soon created a new set of problems - how to manage all of those online profiles. ReverbNation was designed to solve that problem. With a ReverbNation page, you can update all of your profiles with new information from one central location and track stats from all of your sites.

Reverb Nation also gives you multiple ways to sell your music, from linking to your offsite shop on your Reverb Nation profile with a free membership to having your music on iTunes and Amazon in exchange for a nominal membership fee.

What Can I Do On ReverbNation?:

The promotional tools on ReverbNation are extensive, and you can pick and choose the features that work best for you. Once you set up your ReverbNation page, on which you can include unlimited music, video and photos, some of the most popular tools to use include:

  • Exclusive content creation - get fans to sign up for exclusive songs, etc, so you get to collect email addresses for promotion.

  • Viral marketing applications - including Facebook and Bebo

  • Street teams - get fans to promote for you. You can set up your own street team or Reverb Nation can do it for you.

  • Web buzz - track mentions of your music online.

Stats Tracking:

One of the handiest features on Reverb Nation is stats tracking. You can find out how traffic to your profile compares to other ReverbNation artists, get details about what fans are doing when they visit your profile, find out where your traffic is coming from and find out how widgets and banners you put on your non-ReverbNation profiles are doing. This kind of information can be invaluable when it comes to perfecting your online promotion plans.

Reverb Nation Fair Share:

The Fair Share program on ReverbNation lets you get a piece of their advertising revenue. Monthly, 50% of their ad generated earnings goes into a pot and is split among the people who have profiles on their site. Your share is determined by how much traffic your profile is bringing to the site compared to the other sites on the network. Payment is made via Paypay, though you must have at least $20 in your account before payment is sent.

Premium Features:

If you want to get even more out of your ReverbNation profile, sign up for some of their premium features. Premium features include digital distribution on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic and Napster, press kits and extra storage. Prices vary, you can find out more here.

Who Uses ReverbNation?:

Labels, musicians, managers and venues use ReverbNation professionally. Fans also create ReverbNation profiles - they can then interact with each other and their favorite musicians as well as help to spread the word about their new music discoveries.

Sign Up for a Reverb Nation Profile:

Ready to get started on your ReverbNation page? Get started by clicking here.

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