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How to Set Up a Music Website - Step by Step


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Setting Up Your Musician Website: Intro
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Sure, MySpace and other social networking sites are great, but to really connect with your fans, you need a website. Of course, the thing that holds back a lot of musicians is that paying someone to design a website costs money they usually just don't have.

Well, luck is at hand. Here, Ed Pybus of SL Records, walks you through the things you need to know and consider when you're setting up your music website. Before you say, "wait, I can barely check my email without help" and click away, you should know that Ed taught himself how to build websites and now has a nice little sideline doing so. He knows how it feels to sit down at your computer and think, "now what?," so he knows how to break it down for you.

In this step by step guide, Ed walks you through why you need your own site, what you need to consider before you get cracking, and shares some resources that helped him learn the ropes. So, shake off your website fear and take control of your online music identity by putting these steps into action. Don't forget to visit About.com's Web Design site for all of the nitty gritty when you've got the basics covered.

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