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NAMM - National Association of Music Merchants Show


NAMM Trade Show - The Basics:

What is The NAMM Trade Show?:

NAMM stands for National Association of Music Merchants, and the NAMM show is their annual event that brings together music product manufacturers from around the world. The NAMM trade show show happens every January. The event usually last for four days. There is a smaller NAMM event in the summer, usually in June. The major event is the January one, however.

What Happens at NAMM?:

There are two main components to NAMM:

  • Music product manufacturers show off their lines and their new products in an attempt to promote them and develop new business relationships.

  • There are panel discussions and presentations made about industry issues.

There is a daily "Breakfast of Champions" event during which a big name in the industry makes a keynote speech of sorts and takes questions from the audience.

Who Attends NAMM?:

Unlike many other music industry trade shows and convention, NAMM is not open to the public. All attendees must be involved in music product manufacturing and must be members of NAMM.

Joining NAMM:

If you want to attend NAMM, you have to apply for membership in advance. Only music instrument and product retail stores and manufacturers are eligible, and you must provide documentation of your business services. Membership costs approximately $195 annually. You can find out more on the NAMM website.

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