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Southeastern Music and Entertainment Summit Profile


Southeastern Music and Entertainment Summit - The Basics :

  • What: Music trade show/convention Southeastern Music and Entertainment Summit
  • Where: Myrtle Beach, SC, USA (previously Durham, NC, USA)
  • When: Annually, dates vary
  • Founded by: James E. Heyward and Tony "Chubbs" Marcus
  • Founded: 2001

Bringing the Music Industry to You:

They say "location, location, location" is what really matters in real estate, but it's pretty important in the music business, too. For artists that live far away from the usual music centers, getting started is just that much harder. Without an infrastructure of labels, venues and more, artists seldom have the chance to get face time with the people who can open doors for them.

The Southeastern Music and Entertainment Summit (SMES) aims to change that for urban artists in the Southeastern US. The Summit brings regional artists and industry pros face to face, creating a chance for artists to network and learn.

SMES Panels:

In terms of learning from the pros, the SMES panels are where it's at. Through panel discussions, reps from various parts of the industry share their wisdom with up and coming artists and with people hoping to break into the business side of music. Everything from basic lessons about the way the music industry functions to discussions of the issues of the day facing the business are covered during the panels.

Unsigned Artist Performance Opportunities:

Of course, for unsigned artists, getting a chance to perform in front of labels and other industry pros is what really draws them to events like these. SMES offers unsigned artists guaranteed opportunities to play if they registered for the summit. Artists can opt for a free performance package, which gives them six minutes on the SMES Soundstage, a $1500 package which gives them five minutes in state at the SMES pre-awards show, or a $2500 package for a six minute performance at the awards show itself. Spaces are limited for the priced packages. All performance slots are first come, first serve.

SMES Awards:

The SMES Awards are set up to honor regional talent. Categories range from record label to promoters to radio stations, and the winners are chosen by the public via internet voting. There are also two awards - the Make It Happen Awards and Bridging the Gap Award - that honor companies and artists in the region that have drawn national attention to the Southeastern music scene over the previous year.

King of the Ring:

The King of the Ring freestyle and producer battle gives up and coming hip hop artists a chance to perform in front of panel of judges made up of music business reps and producers. A first round of selection happens before the battle, with hopefuls submitting demos featuring a 16 bar verse and 3 beat tracks. A pool of 16 artists and producers will be chosen to compete during the actual King of the Ring competition live in front of the judges with the winner being crowned the King of the Ring.

Register for SMES:

Registration for SMES can be done online via their website. The site also has information about applying for a performance slot, voting for the awards, and info about who is attending (Kanye West, 9th Wonder and Petey Pablo are just a few past attendees).

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