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Explore the less commonly discussed careers in the music industry, like management, agency work, graphic design, manufacturing, and distribution. Find out what it takes to get these jobs, who does them, and what they pay is like.
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4 Ways to Start Your Music Business Job Search
The music industry is competitive, so where does that leave new music business degree grads? Kick your music business job search with these tips

What Songs Should Be on My Wedding Singer Demo?
As a wedding singer, your demo is an extremely important tool for getting clients - but what songs should be a wedding singer's demo? Find out which songs you should turn to to find work as a wedding singer when making your demo.

Top Five Parent Questions about Music Industry
How can you help you child get a job in the music industry - and should you help at all? If your child wants to land music industry employment, and you're thinking of demanding they go to medical school instead, the answers to these five questions about working in the music industry may help you sleep a little easier at night. If your child has...

Music Industry Contact List
Find the music industry contacts you need on the About.com Music Careers Music Industry Contact list. Browse the list for contacts for record labels, managers, music supervisors, agents, songwriters, venues and much more.

Music Supervisors List
If you are a music supervisor trying to connect with your colleagues or are looking for music supervisor contacts for your music, try the About.com Music Careers Music Supervisor list. Music supervisors, sign up here to advertise your services and share advice with musicians and aspiring music supervisors out there. Labels, managers, musicians -...See submissions

Music Composers
Are you looking for music composer contacts, or are you a music composer looking to advertise your services? Join the About.com Music Careers music composer contact list. Here you can browse music composer contacts and create a music composer bio of your own. Share some information about your music compositions, how you got started as a composer...See submissions

Music Industry 2010 Wrap-Up: Cameron Mizell
What have we all learned about the music industry in 2010? What are your predictions for the next year? Here, Cameron Mizell of Musician Wages shares his take on the past year and his visions for the future.

Music Industry Contact List: Graphic Designers
Are you looking for a music industry graphic designer to design your album cover art or music merchandise? Are your a graphic designer who wants to share your services and advice? Browse music industry album cover art graphic designer contact list or advertise your graphic design services and share your graphic design advice. See submissions

Network in the Music Industry
In the music industry, networking is a must - but just how do you do it? These tips for music industry networking will tell you how to network in the music business - even if you hate to network.

How Will the Health Insurance Bill Affect The Music Industry
How will the new US health insurance bill affect the music industry? Will it help this underinsured industry get the health care it needs, or does it only add to the problems for musicians? Share your thoughts.

Music Producer List
Music producers - add a listing here. Likewise, if you are looking for a music producer, check out the music producer listings and music producer contacts here on the site. Also, get tips from producers for makign the recording process smooth and even starting your own production career.

Music Industry Contact List
Welcome to the music industry contact list! Below you will find two things - if you are a musician or have a music related business, you'll find links to add information about your music/business. If you are looking for contacts, check out the links to the listings the musicians and music related businesses have created. Remeber, this list is constantly expanding - and it can only grown with you…

Music Business Etiquette
Think music industry etiquette doesn't matter? Think again. There may be some things about the music business that make it less uptight than other industries, but word of mouth is a large part of what makes the business tick - and when an industry runs on word of mouth, how you treat the people you encounter counts. Now, I'm not saying that you need to bring a host(ess) gift to your next business…

Music Knowledge versus Business Knowledge in the Music Industry
What counts more to make a living in the music industry - music knowledge or business knowledge? Should you be hip to music trivia, hip to supply and demand - or both? Share your opinions on what it takes to make it in the music industry.

Carla Lynne Hall 2009 Music Industry Wrap-Up
Find out what musician Carla Lynne Hall learned about the music industry in 2009 and her predictions for next year.

David Hahn of Musician Wages 2009 Music Industry Wrap-Up
David Hahn of Musician Wages shares what 2009 taught him about the music industry and his predictions for 2010.

Andrew Goodrich of Artists House Music 2009 Wrap-Up
Find out what Andrew Goodrich of Artists House Music learned about the industry in 2009 and what he predicts for the future of the music industry.

Start a Record Label
Are you thinking of getting into the record label business? Find out what you need to know before you launch that label, so you have the best chance for success.

Cameron Mizell of Musician Wages 2009 Music Industry Wrap-Up
Cameron Mizell of Musician Wages shares his final thoughts on the music industry in 2009 and what he expects to see in 2010.

Joanna Quargnali-Linsley of Misery Loves Co: 2009 Music Industry Wrap-Up
Joanna Quargnali-Linsley of Misery Loves Co and Toy Box Music shares her favorite discoveries and lessons about the music industry in 2009.

Bruce Houghton of Hypebot: 2009 Wrap-Up
What are Bruce Houghton of Hypebot's music industry headlines? Find out in this 2009 Music Industry Wrap-Up.

Rick Goetz of Musician Coaching 2009 Wrap Up
Rick Goetz of Musician Coaching shares his lessons learned in the music industry 2009 and predictions for the music industry in 2010.

Music Industry 2009 Wrap Up
What did you learn about the music industry in 2009? What are your music industry predictions for 2010? Share your music stories from 2009 and predictions for 2010.

Does a Musician's Age Matter - Age and the Music Industry
Does age matter in the music industry? Is there a place for older musicians? What restrictions do older musicians face? Share your thoughts about older musicians and if age matters in the music industry.

Three Steps to Landing a Music Industry Job
Figuring out how to get a job in the music industry is one of the hardest things. Here, University of the Pacific professor and head of the Music Management program Keith Hatschek offers three expert tips on how to get a job in the music industry.

Become a Promoter
Are you wondering how to become a music promoter? Working in concert promotion is a lot of fun, but it requires a lot of hard work as well. Learn more about how to become a music promoter, including getting started on your own and working for a large concert promotion company.

How Can I Get a Job in the Music Industry?
Are you wondering how to get a job in the music industry? Breaking into the music business is usually the hardest part. Find out some ways you may be able to get a job in the music business.

Which Music Industry Job is the Worst - Worst Music Industry Jobs
You might think you want to work in the music industry, but that doesn't mean that every job in the music industry is right for you. However, many people end up working a variety of jobs in the music industry before they find their perfect fit. So, what has been your least favorite music industry job? Why? Share your music business job nightmare stories.

Entertainment Lawyer Career Profile
Entertainment lawyers that specialize in music help negotiate contracts for their clients and work to ensure that their clients are getting a fair deal. Learn more about entertainment lawyers and music lawyers, including how to become and entertainment lawyers and how much entertainment lawyers make.

Session Musician Career Profile
Is work as a session musician right for you? Find out about life as a session musician including how to find session musician work in this career profile.

Music Industry Job Pros and Cons
If you love music, there are plenty of music careers from which you can choose. The question is - which one is right for you? Learn how to choose a music career so you end up with a job in music you love.

Music Careers 2008 Wrap Up

Lots of great people have shared their insights and advice about the music industry on the Music Careers site in 2008. To bring 2008 to a close, many of them have agreed to come back and answer some questions about the past year and their plans and predictions for 2009. You'll find the first batch of these interviews listed below - just click on a link to read that person's answers. Be sure to…

Get Paid in Your Music Career
Sure, you're in music for the love of it, but eventually you're going to want to know how to get paid in the music industry. Find out more about music industry incomes and how different people in different music careers make money in music.

Sonicbids acts as gatekeeper for just about every music festival and trade show imaginable, not to mention tons and tons of music promoters. Learn more about the company, including the controversy surrounding them.

Talk About Music Career - Explain Music Industry Job
When you find a job in the music industry, you will quickly notice one downside - telling people what you do. Music industry jobs can be notoriously hard to explain to people, and that can make for funny - or awkward or annoying, depending on your perspective - interactions at family functions, the hair salon and parties. How do you explain your music industry job? Share your stories of answering…

Songwriter List
Songwriters - get your songs noticed and connect with musicians on the About.com Music Careers songwriter list! Let musicians, labels and publishers looking for songwriters know what you're working on and how to contact you, plus, share some tips with your fellow songwriters. Musicians, are you looking for a songwriter? Check out the songwriter contacts here on the list. See submissions

How To Get an MTV Internship
Wondering how to get an MTV internship? An MTV internship, or work experience at one of the network's sister channels such as a VH1 internship or CMT internship, is an incredible music industry resume builder. Naturally, competition is fierce, but you've got to be in it to win it, so find out how to apply for an MTV internship and takes a shot...

Wedding Singer Contacts
Wedding singers - let potential clients know how to contact you by creating a listing advertising your services. Are you looking for a wedding singer? Find a singer for your wedding by browsing this wedding singer database.

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