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Record labels are a huge part of the music industry, but that doesn't mean you have to work for a label if you want to work in the music business. Learn about labels jobs, plus all of the other opportunities available within the music biz.
  1. Music Industry Career Profiles
  2. Record Label Profiles
  3. Music Career Interviews
  4. Paying for your Music Career
  1. Music Industry Education
  2. Music Industry Events
  3. Music Career Bios

Music Industry Career Profiles

Not quite sure which job in the music industry is the right one for you? These career profiles will help you narrow down the choices and find your music biz calling.

Record Label Profiles

Whether you have indie label aspirations or major label dreams, the stories of the labels that have gone before you are a goldmine of inspiration, advice and sometimes examples of what NOT to do. Learn from the mistakes and the successes of other labels or simply kick back and enjoy a walk though music history.

Music Career Interviews

Do you want the straight story on music industry jobs right from the horse's mouth? These interviews give you a glimpse of a day in the life of people working in the music business and plenty of advice on how you can follow their paths.

Paying for your Music Career

Sometimes, the hardest thing about getting your music career going is paying for it, but you do have options. Find out how to uncover the cash to get your music career off the ground.

Music Industry Education

Is a degree the way to go to get your music career off the ground? Weigh up your options by checking out what these music business degree programs have to offer

Music Industry Events

Music industry conventions and trade shows can open up a lot of opportunities for you, no matter which career field you choose. Find out more about the most popular events on the music industry calendar.

Music Career Bios

Ever wonder how those major music industry figures got to where they are? Brush up on the bios of the people who have helped shape the music business.

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