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Publishing, Royalties and Copyright Information

Understand and protecting your publishing and copyrights is an important part of managing your music career. The royalties earned through these protections are the way you get paid as a musician. Find out how to make sure you are on top of these often complicated matters.

SOPA, PIPA, OPEN and The Music Industry: Three Things You Need to Know
SOPA, PIPA and OPEN have been met with both joy and derision in the music industry, but what are the facts? Here are three things you must know about SOPA, PIPA and OPEN so you take your stance on this important music industry debate.

PIPA: Protect IP Act
PIPA - an piece of legislation introduced in the US Senate - could have far reaching consequences for the music industry. What is PIPA and what could it mean to the music biz? Learn more.

SOPA: Stop Online Piracy Act
What is SOPA and what does it mean for the music industry? Learn more about the Stop Online Piracy Act and why some in the music industry objected to it.

Should Songwriters Share Their Royalties with Musicians?
If your songwriter is in your band - but the whole band doesn't collaborate on songs - your royalty picture just got a whole lot more complex. Find out why the songwriter almost always makes the most money, and how bands approach that very touchy subject.

Understanding Music Royalties: Five Terms You Need To Know
Music royalties can be difficult to wrap your head around. Who gets paid what when? By who? Royalties are paid for THAT? Royalties AREN'T paid for THAT? The right way to comb through the royalty confusion ISN'T simply to walk away, however. You just have to take understanding music royalties step by step. Before you delve into royalty madness,...

Blanket License
When issuing individual licenses to music would be too tedious, blanket licenses are used. For instance, radio stations use blanket licenses to get permission to play all of the music represented by all of the performance rights groups. Learn more about how blanket licenses work.

How Performance Rights Royalties Are Tracked
Just how do performance rights groups know what song is being played when - all the time? Well, the thing is - they don't. But, while they may not capture 100% of song plays, they do have some sophisticated methods making sure you get paid. Find out how performance rights group track different media.

How Are Performance Rights Royalties Paid?
If you're a songwriter, performance rights royalties are an important source of income. Learn how these royalties are distributed and who should be signing your performance rights royalty check.

Five Reasons You Should Sign a Music Publishing Deal
Is a music publishing deal the right call for you? If you're considering handling your own publishing, check out these five reasons you should sign a music publishing deal and see if your circumstances make a publishing company a necessity.

Music Publishing Reserves
Your music publishing reserves will always be higher than your record royalty reserves, but why and how does this affect your payment as a songwriter? Find out labels hold music publishing reserves and when you as a songwriter can expect to see your cash.

Do You Need a Music Publishing Deal?
Do songwriters need music publishing deals? Learn about the pros and cons of signing a music publishing deal and what to consider before choosing a music publishing partner.

What Does a Music Publishing Company Do?
Music publishing companies are like record labels for songwriters. The work they do can be quite complex, but they are the key to a significant string of income for many in the music industry. Find out the role of music publishers in the music industry.

Compulsory Mechanical License
Compulsory mechanical licenses can only be issued in certain, very strict circumstances but are important for songwriters and publishers to understand. Find out what a compulsory mechanical license is and learn when compulsory mechanicals can be issued.

Music Royalty Collection Agencies - What Should Royalty Colle…
Music royalty collection companies have a hard job, but sometimes they seem to do things that don't make a lot of sense. Going after people for singing carols or playing music in barn? Huh? What should royalty collection groups do? How far is too far? Should members dictate the agenda? Share your thoughts.

Performance Rights Groups
Performing rights agencies make sure songwriters get paid when people use their work. Learn about the different groups out there and find out who should sign up.

Digital Rights Management Controversy
The internet has changed the way the music industry functions, and some would say the industry has been slow to catch up with the technology. Digital Rights Management systems are one way that many record labels try to keep control of their catalogs online, but the system does not have many fans among music lovers. Why the controversy, and who is right? Get the facts.

PRS is the Performance Rights Society, a UK based group responsible for collecting royalties for musicians and songwriters for live performances and radio play.

MCPS is the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society. This UK based group collects songwriting and publishing royalties for recorded materials based on the numbers of albums pressed.

The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers - ASCAP - collects royalties for live performances and radio plays.

BMI is another US based royalty collection agency. They collect royalties from radio plays and live performances.

Royalty Advice
Free Legal Advice breaks down the four different music related royalty types for you, in a simple, concise guide.

Copyright Law
A list of site that can help you make sure you have protected your intellectual property.

Music Publishers List
Music publishers - promote your publishing company on the About.com Music Careers music publishers list. Share some background about your company,...See submissions

OPEN: Online Protection and Enforcement of Digital Trade Act
The OPEN Act is designed to protect copyright holders from infringement on the net. Obviously, anything that involves copyright issues has major implications for the music industry. Learn more about the OPEN Act and find out why it has the most support in the tech community of any proposed intellectual property legislation.

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