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Doula Music

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By doulamusic

Label Name and Location

Doula Music - Los Angeles, CA

Genres of Music

Doula Music is a Los Angeles based up-and-coming independent record label with it's focus on Latin Alternative artists.

We are also open to submissions from non-Latin artists in the Alternative Rock genre.


  • Love creating music and it will show.
  • Make sure your band/music is polished and professional before approaching a label.
  • Make sure your live show is strong. Nothing worse that hearing a good demo/record, then seeing a weak live performance.
  • Be honest with yourselves and ask your friends and family to be brutally honest as well. If your music needs reworking, then rework it.
  • Enjoy the ride, because sometimes that's all there is.

What Is Your Demo Policy?

We accept submissions via email only.

Please send a link to your EPK.

We will not open emails with attachments.

You may submit to submissions@doulamusic

Label Contact Info (if applicable)


Label Website URL


Label Twitter/Facebook/Etc Pages




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