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Lariat Records

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By Lariat_Records

Label Name and Location

Lariat Records, offices in Ponder, Texas - London, Ohio - Nashville, Tennessee

Genres of Music

Traditional Country, Contemporary Country, Southern Boogie. These are the only genres we are interested in. While we appreciate good music in many forms and genres, we are a specialized label and sell to the country music market only.


  • We are very specialized, and while we appreciate good music in many genres we ONLY release country music and a bit of southern boogie.
  • Ask our A&R department how to send material. Do not send anything other than plain text email unless requested to do so.
  • We are very selective, we look for those promising artists who approach music in a professional manner.
  • Do NOT ask us to go to your myspace or similar web page. Anyone can put up a free page on the web. If you want us to take you seriously then please follow the basic guidelines and send material in the manner we request.

What Is Your Demo Policy?

While we have received demos in many forms, our favorite demos are pretty raw. Guitar and vocal, or piano and vocal. We want to know what you really sound like, not how good the engineer at the studio was. (we already know some good engineers)

Label Contact Info (if applicable)


Label Website URL


Label Twitter/Facebook/Etc Pages


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