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Anjelica Records, Inc.

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By anjelicarecords

Your Name/Name of Your Management Company

Frances Johnson

Anjelica Records, Inc.

Website/Social Networking Profiles (if applicable)


What Genres Do You Work With?

Gospel, R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Country, Blues

Contact Info for Potential Clients



How Did You Get Into Management?

Volunteered on street teams for radio stations and met many stars. My children grew up and had talents of their own. I began to manage them and the rest is history. www.reverbnation.com/elias1

What Tips Can You Offer Aspiring Managers?

Keep at it. Purchase the "ultimate Record Label" from Ty Cohen @ Musicbiz.com his material is great for any aspect of the music business. Real talk! He also made the copyright process easy to understand with his videos. Just make sure whatever you do, that you invest in learning all there is to learn about the music industry. It is always changing... you must keep up.


  • have a good EPK
  • have at least one professionally recorded song for distribution
  • have a good photo shoot for marketing and promoting
  • be willing to invest in yourself and your band
  • don't have the DIVA mentallity before you make it big
  • no one likes to work with a "know it all"!
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