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Randolph Harris/ Trackzondemand<

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By Trackzondemand

Your Name/Name You Work Under

Randolph Harris/ Trackzondemand

Your Website/Social Networking Profiles

http://trackzondemand.webs.com http://www.facebook.com/pro4president http://www.twitter.com/pro4president

What Genre of Music Do You Work With?

HipHop Rap & R&B

How Can People Contact You For Work?

trackzondemand@gmail.com http://www.facebook.com/pro4president

How Did You Get Started as a Producer?

Early on I got my yamaha keyboard and karaoke machine from circuit city for christmas 1993, rigged it to where i was making beats on tape (only producers probably no what I mean) Later on I got opportunities to hang out at studio sessions, I also had saved up money from work to buy equipment here and there.

How Can Musicians Help You Do Your Job Better?

The musicians I know are pretty sharp. But I guess some musicians should try to be prepared for collaborations and try to understand what the producer is looking for as opposed to the musician trying to take over the recording.


  • Don't give up, this field will have you learning something new everyday, listen to the radio, listen to underground music, listen to some other genres, try to go back listen to your favorite producers and try to figure what makes their sound good to you, research all the info you can on the net about producer(dynamic producer, youtube,google,music producer forums etc, Don't be afraid of criticism.
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