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Readers Respond: Best Digital Music Distributors

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From the article: Find Music Distribution
Online music distribution has changed the music industry, but which digital distributors are the best for musicians and labels? Weigh in here with your picks for best digital music distribution sites. Which sites pay the most? Which sites don't pay when they say they will? Let your fellow musicians know about the digital distribution sites thay have given you the best results. Share Your Favorite

Satisfied with MondoTunes

I decided to go with MondoTunes. Overall I'm very satisfied. (my album: backinthedream.com) First, and most importantly, they delivered as advertised, getting all the music to all the right sites on the day they promised. The area where I'm most satisfied (and the reason I'm taking the time to comment online) is the personalized customer service that at least a couple of their workers provided. I'm not a professional musician, and when I joined I wanted someone to listen to my album to let me know if it sounded ready for distribution. I got a direct call with very helpful advice. Later, their senior staff writer (Sean McCauley) was indescribably supportive and helpful, even reviewing songs I recorded after releasing my album. A couple times I needed to e-mail customer support and got no reply, even after a follow-up e-mail...but eventually learned that they were addressing my question. They should simply have an automated system to say "got your e-mail, will reply".
—Guest cohendg

PitchMyStuff.com Music Distribution

Before you make your decision, be sure to check out PitchMyStuff.com's Music Distribution. We take pride in helping bands & artists across the world by offering good, affordable services. Our prices are only $9.99 a single, $15.99 an EP and $29.99 an album, you keep 100% royalties and our prices don't increase the second year. Check out PitchMyStuff's Distribution here - http://pitchmystuff.com/page/digital-distribution-overview Here's an overview: - Includes top music stores worldwide (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, 7Digital, MediaNet, Spotify, Rdio, Deezer and more) - $9.99 a single, $15.99 an EP and only $29.99 an album of up to 50 tracks! - Our prices don't increase on the second year - 100% of royalties paid to the artist - Free UPC/ISRC Barcodes - Free Sales Reports - Your own Distribution Dashboard - Royalties paid monthly (free withdrawals) - Enhanced YouTube Monetization earning you up to 60% more income than a standard YouTube user - Keep all rights to your music
—Guest PitchMyStuff.com

I really like AMAdea Music

AMAdea Music is a digital distributor that offers 90% royalties and there aren't any fees that you need to pay. The store network they offer is great and the support team is very responsive and friendly. I'm very happy I found them.
—Guest David

read this

You may want to read this article about cdbaby.
—Guest Mondotunes User

Symphonic Distribution

These guys offer 70%-100% in royalty options, they deliver to all retailers including alot of niche dance music stores, plus they also have a licensing and publishing administration services. Love these guys!
—Guest Janette

Music Distributors

I switched to Mondo Tunes and their services kicks ass. Once I signed on the only issue I had was the reporting but they now have monthly reporting. In my opinion that now puts them above the rest. I'm an artist using their services and have no other affiliation with the company. Just wanted to share my opinion!
—Guest Breckon


i took my music off of everything else but HIFIVEMUSIC. Its a new way to distribute your music that i actually make money on. Fans set up profiles and subscribe to me for $2.99 annually. This gives them everything I've put on the site (in the past) and everything i come out with for the next year I take $2.00 on every sale (if i have 5000 subscriptions i make $10,000). It was free to sign up and no fees. And The site is just fun. Best part is they checked the quality of my engineering (for free) before my music was allowed on there. They are new and The best. Already making money.
—Guest ike

my 2 songs laiyan and akh naal vaja

Dear Sir/Madam, Attached plz find the latest single "Laiyan" by Nadeem Khokhar. and other song Akh Naal Vaja tere akh nee. https://soundcloud.com/simplybhangra-music/laiyan-nadeem-khokhar https://soundcloud.com/simplybhangra-music/nadeem-khokhar-feat-ding-dong?in=nadeem-khokher35/sets/akh-naal-vaja I would highly appreciate if you could put it on your /site. Thanks Regards! Nadeem khokhar
—Guest nadeem khokhar

song cast

do u know about song cast i just want to sign with them advice me please they want me to pay 5d monthly fee and once of fee 9d
—Guest mrprice

Accounting Tool Coming in May

Just wanted to say that Mondotunes has added an accounting tool to there website and will be doing monthly reports . I believe the reports will be starting in May 2013 . This is very good news to me . So far there service has been excellent for me. Also ,if anyone is wondering I do not work for them . I am an Independent artist who is glad I used them for distribution for my first album. I intend to use them again when I get finished with the second album.
—Guest Mondotunes User

IndiGoBoom.com friendly fast

These guys have a massive distribution footprint and great customer support with a live chat that is almost always open to answer questions. Friendly and reasonable. No matter how much music you need to distribute, there is no added cost per store or per album the way you often see with other services I have tried.
—Guest Dennis

Best Distribution Hands Down

SoSouth Digital Distribution They handle major artist and right now if you contact them via phone or email, there is no fee except 15% on back end. Good for me because I have a lot of music! Same company that runs SoSouth.com monthly statements. And 140+ stores and ringtone and videos
—Guest Daniel P

best digital distribution

sweet-n-low.de have been distributing my label operating system for many years now,i always get a response back to any questions and find the guys there to be very professional, they are also offering management services and web design now aswell
—Guest simon

catapult onerpm

i've dealt with my fair share of distributors for my label. so far the best i have experienced were www.catapultdistribution.com & www.onerpm.com . both fairly affordable and are one time fees. catapult distributes to a huge selection of stores and distributes your project into any new stores they deal with automatically. only downfall is nthat they do not provide upcs for free tho you can purchase it from them. onerpm on the other hand has all of the major stores, which you can select individually(ala tunecore) or pay a low price for all stores. it is individually owned and operated, in fact the ceo of tunecore actually dropped in on my artist's album release party. those are the 2 best ive experience so far. i am about to check out mondotunes. and i am looking into www.routenote.com
—Guest bbu-labelhead

Acconting tool needed

I totally agree with other commentors that Mondotunes needs an accounting tool on their website. They offer a great service for independent musicians. I would be happier if I could check how my album is doing. It would give me a little bit of an idea of how my own promoting is working .
—Guest Mondotunes User

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Best Digital Music Distributors

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