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Readers Respond: Best Digital Music Distributors

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From the article: Find Music Distribution
Online music distribution has changed the music industry, but which digital distributors are the best for musicians and labels? Weigh in here with your picks for best digital music distribution sites. Which sites pay the most? Which sites don't pay when they say they will? Let your fellow musicians know about the digital distribution sites thay have given you the best results.

Largest global distributor

Hello, MondoTunes is the largest global distributor that is ran by musicians for musicians. They reach over 750 retailers, mobile partners, and streaming companies (others reach 17-20 stores) They're the go to distributor for artists of all calibers. best part is they do not have monthly/yearly fees like all other independent distributors. checkout http://www.mondotunes.com Cheers

PitchMyStuff.com (Highly Recommended)

OK so I've read all the above posts and can't believe no one has mentioned these guys! PitchMyStuff.com have a really good Digital Distribution service and they also do lots of other things too like Music Copyright and stuff. I've just distributed my second album through them recently (my first wasn't with them) and so far am very happy with PitchMyStuff Service and the site as a whole! Here's what I know, they offer over 400 online retailers (biggest I've seen yet!) for only $30 a year including all iTunes, eMusic, Zune, you know the usual peoples, AND they give all royalties they receive back to the artist which in my eyes is exactly what I wanted, somebody who Isn't out there just to take our money or take a cut of our sales but offer a good deal to help us make money. Anyway I also didn't pay anything for the UPC so I think they were free which with my last distributor wasn't AND (unlike others which someone posted before) you get to KEEP ALL YOUR RIGHTS to your music. Sarah
—Guest Sarah

Best Music Distributor

I've used tunecore and cdbaby. both are limited as far as their reach. Tunecore also has yearly fees which they've increased. My band uses JMD Distribution and they far have been the best for us. I believe they're affiliated with major distribution some how so their reach is much larger and they don't charge us other BS fees. one time fee and you're good to go.
—Guest Eddie T

Best Digital Music Distributors

Tunecore & CD Baby for me are the best.I have tried a lot of others but some are miserable hungry distributors.
—Guest Golden Boy (Fospassin)

Tunecore i

I' ve tried Tunecore for over 2 years .They make you pay upfront to get your music distibuted for 12 months and if you don't sell enough to get that money back you still have to pay them again at the end of the year .
—Guest fojeba

Tunecore... is... ehhhh

I've heard some shady things about tunecore. You are guarenteed 100% of the sales however, that's for the people who do the legal paperwork. I know that when you pay for your album to be made, you are SELLING YOUR SONGS AND YOUR RIGHTS TO THOSE SONGS and GIVING THEM TO TUNECORE. So, I'd be careful about using that one.
—Guest Sophia

Spectre music Germany is ok

Spectre Music Germany is quite fair (30% commission), reliable and very quick at submitting your music to the stores (3-6 weeks). I have also tried musicjustmusic, Germany, but had lots of problems. The offer thousands of irrelavant stores just to catch you. They are also very slow, I found my music available on iTunes up to 7 months after uploading. Some of the music never turned up in the stores, a very bad and disappointing experience with musicjustmusic. I quit them, of course.
—Guest GuestThompson

Have you seen Local Band on Demand?

The newest kid on the block is www.localbandondemand.com. This platform allows bands to sell mp3 downloads online, but it organizes music geographically around a gig calender so musicians can build a strong local fan base.
—Guest Music Girl


No upfront fees, no monthly fees, keep 85% and set your own price. Large international community of visitors. Also has an unsigned artist online radio station to get your music played!
—Guest Guest Even

Best Distribution

I am really happy with HSM Entertainment, they are super helpful and they pay on time, I like that :)
—Guest Marie

best music community

whotune.com is the best new / Unsigned music community website on the planet! its got all the features of Facebook/Myspace PLUS alot more! you can sell your music directly from your profile. Its very cool. Check it out http://www.whotune.com
—Guest karl

I like..

I deal with Symphonic Distribution. Symphonicdistribution.com is their site, great staff and great services
—Guest Steve Ward

OOiZiT.com seems good

I know a band that have been helped out by these guys, they seem well happy with them. Even got a banner sent to them for free which is pretty sweet. Hope that helps.
—Guest Will mills

Sell Your Own Music || OOiZiT.com

OOiZiT.com is a brand way of distributing music, it's a social network designed especially for unsigned bands. It allows YOU (the band) to upload your music and sell it, right there on the site. You can create play lists and embed them on your own website or blog and 100% of the profits from the sales goes into your back pocket! Not only that but all sales through OOiZiT.com are counted towards the UK Top 40! Imagine - getting to number 1 without ever having to sign a record deal! It's completely free to join and you can upload your music in seconds! So if you're an unsigned band - I highly recommend giving it a go. Don't sell your soul to get a record deal, sell YOUR music the way YOU want it to sound and put the money in YOUR bank account - not the greedy record labels.
—Guest Shelly


TuneCore works for me. I only use them and I never have problems.
—Guest Nicholas

independent distribution

Looking.for regional distribution for an independent record label artist's In the southeast

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