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Readers Respond: Which Social Networking Site Is Most Useful To You?

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From the article: ReverbNation Profile

There seems to be more social networking sites for musicians springing up every day, but which ones are worth your time? Share your success stories about promoting music on social networking sites and see what sites have turned in great results for your fellow musicians. Here are some suggestions to get you going, but feel free to share your own ideas!:

  • MySpace
  • Twitter
  • ReverbNation

Music Promotion

Another good source of social networking for music facebook fanpages


Send Beats was created as a means of giving people the opportunity to share their music and creativity with the music world as well as establishing connections with key music industry people. Additionally, they want to encourage musicians, producers, rappers, singers, and fans to communicate and network with one another. Many things that you can expect at Sendbeats.com are: - Regular posting of beat submission and song submission opportunities - Meeting other fellow artists, musicians, beatmakers, and producers for music project collaboration - Regular site visits from A&R representatives, music executives, radio stations, and other media firms who are searching for new talent The cons of the site is that it is fairly new and seems to be limited to only a couple of opportunities. I'd like to see how they develop into the future as the site grows.
—Guest Billy


Beatmonstarz.com offers a social network plactform with a database of rappers/singers/writers/videographers/photographers and many more budding talented individuals looking to connect and work on projects. You can download instrumentals for free for writing /performance needs, You can upload and share your own music and videos straight to Facebook /twitter of google. Create your own profile and promote your page to fans. Add from thousands of apps..promote,upload and share your ideas with the world!! and its free of charge? Beatmonstarz.com Thankyou!!


Upload your music for free and they will automatically match it to opportunities for Artists, Bands & Songwriters: Music Xray has released a new song to opportunity (S2O) matching system and It's free. Here's how it works. You upload your original music. They analyze the acoustic properties and mathematical patterns in your music. They send you an email immediately and any time in the future an industry professional seeks music like yours. They also offer songwriting critiques by music industry professionals and many placement opportunities such as these! Copy and paste the link below in your browser: http://www.musicxray.com/profiles/2924?afid=6d710a203bc3012fbedf1231381bf5de
—Guest Marilyn

Best SocialNetwork for Musicians

Have seen www.songdew.com . It is recently launched but is the best platform in terms of UI and dashboard . The dashboard is neat and clean and helps focus artists on what theyshould be doing to promote the music. and best is that all features are free.
—Guest andrew


www.soarnation.com allows musicians to sell their music while giving back to a great cause. Get to give is the idea. While you get amazing music a non-profit gets a portion of the sales with no added funds to you or the musicians involved..
—Guest J Ross Parrelli


metalheadmuzic.com is great cause any one can download beats for 2.00

House Music

If you are looking to promote Dance/ Club/ House Music try http://votehousemusic.com You can submit and vote for tracks and playlists. It is a great way to receive feedback.
—Guest Guest

Exciting New Site for Music Artists

Had a look at recently launched www.songdew.com. It looks terrific. Best dash board I have seen , Easy to understand and full of interesting features, Also some of the features like FAn reach on reverbnation are Free on this site. It looks very promising.
—Guest andrew


MusicianCafe.com - This site has all the features of all the other websites put into one! - it's free & they even provide free video production, and actually help promote your music & videos for you! Very nice guys & you can talk directly to the admin!
—Guest Kevin

New Social Network provides free enterta

One website is on a mission to bring back live, unedited entertainment. There is no better way to judge talent than by sending an entertainer out with simply a stage and a mic. Exstreamlive.com provides a virtual venue where artists can perform and audiences can watch and rate. The social media aspect of the site allows every video, live streaming event and profile to be seen by a vast network of friends and fans. Live streaming technology is new to the world of entertainment and Exstreamlive.com is the first to create a site customizable to any member’s taste. They decide what type of entertainment to watch and which artists to follow! Gone are the days of 15 minutes of fame. Exstreamlive lets members keep up with their new found entertainers while also helping them build their fan base. What is there to gain for the artist? All an aspiring entertainer has to do is create a profile, upload their work and begin gaining new fans! Join a virtual world of talent! www.Exstream

Marketing Specialist

Sound Swift is an excellent site for industry networking. A terrific place for artist to network with DJ’s across seas to get their music played internationally. It’s an excellent place to search for management and the best part about it is the site’s representatives actually help you find what you need in addition they give you advice all for free.
—Guest Sharon James


PitchMyStuff.com is a free to join music website offering a number of services for anyone in the industry such as quick and inexpensive Music Copyright, cheap global Digital Music Distribution, a comprehensive Music Collaboration Suite and many more, all based around a huge dedicated Music Social Network which is free to join and provides professional profiles and these awesome free Music, Lyric and Event pages to present your work! Designed and created for ALL music individuals, whether you're a music Fan, a Band, a Group, Solo Artists, DJ, MC, Lyricist, Songwriter, Record Label, Music Venue or simply anyone in the music industry, there's something for everyone! It's FREE to join and full of music people so if you're serious about your music career or just love music, join the crowd and be part of the new music revolution - www.PitchMyStuff.com ....fast forward your music career.
—Guest PitchMyStuff

Indy Kings.Com

Indy Kings is a new Social Network with a Facebook/Myspace feel. You can do all you need to do to promote your music, band, poetry, comedy basically anything artistic! Its gonna be BIG!!!
—Guest Tim


RappersLinkUp.com is about helping aspiring Artists around the world do one thing which is connect with each other. This website has features combined together from the most popular social network sites; Facebook and Twitter. I rate this website 5 STARS and i believe within few years, It can grow to be something very big.
—Guest Mahabur Rahman
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