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Readers Respond: What Place Do Older Musicians Have in the Music Industry?

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From the article: Choosing a Music Career 101

Does the music industry have an age limit? What kind of obstacles do older musicians face in the music industry? Does their genre of music matter? Share your thoughts about age and the music industry - if it matters, why it matters and how older musicians can get around music business ageism.

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It is all about communication and connections with people not fuckin labels marketing.if you real your music is real you have passion and a bit of talent helps then the music will speak for u.If people get your music great if they dont then fine it is still a connection.attitude faith creativity over age.Prrceptions of aging vs media marketing are is a process transition life expectancy increases for some .50 or 60 not the same situation as thirty years ago.
—Guest hitchiker

Never to old

Hello all Thank you sooo much for being out there and provingthings can and are happening. Any advice for a living room blues guy, like all stuff, looking for anyone to lend an ear..not sure where Im at as far as level..a hesitant introvert and will take the leap. Will be 60. Feel like a kid again. What about recording at home? Any insight on how tos or software welcomed. Again thanks..
—Guest denny james

Dreams always start...

I'm 44 and want to take music lessons. I want to form a band of pop music for middle-aged people and older!!!
—Guest GlennAnker

Don't Know What To Do

Hii Peeps.. I m sunny, and music is in my veins.. I want to be a singer bt my financial circumstances always make distances from me to my goal.. I am a songwriter as well bt i don't know how to start.. I always dreamt of singing for d audience.. I m waiting for d right time to come in my life.. I neither learnt nor m professional bt my dreams and my love always wanted to b a singer.. I m helpless bt i ll find my way in some years as i believe in God..:(
—Guest Sunny

Started new band and signed at 38

Fitz and the Tantrums became a band in 2008 and was signed in 2010. The founder of the band Michael was 40 at the time. He learned to play his first instrument at the age of 32. They are doing just fine now...
—Guest Johnny P

Never Too Old

I am a 57 year old career musician. I have tried to stop, thinking I was too old, then, I get a call to gig with much younger musicians and off I go. So, if you love it and are good at it, not because you think you are, others do, it never ends.
—Guest Jon

not sure about age

I started a metal band {torne} at 24, we played out for 6 years until we split..at 34 I continued the band and made it more rock/hard rock..I have a few songs that could be on the radio and no label will take me seriously.
—Guest matt torne

It doesn't matter now a days.

Ok, here's how I see things. With today's technology and internet access you are able to put up your music and reach people world wide with your songs. It's a DIY kinda world we live in. Social media, video upload websites, and iTune accounts take care of distribution of your material. You really don't need a record label anymore. One good song to go viral and it's on. Mackrelmore was in his late 20' or early 30's when he went viral with his hit song "thrift shop" so, yeah... It doesn't matter now a days. Put your stuff out there, cuz some people will dig it. I think "AWOL NATION ' s" song "SAIL" sucks big hairy balls, but some people love it!
—Guest Jake Steele

Can a brilliant artist get signed at 41?

I am a 42 year old independent singer songwriter. I've had sessions on BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio 4, I've recorded in Maida Vale in London and I've sold about 10,000 albums all as an independent. Still, there is a potential audience of millions out there (my music is accessible to all) and without the backing of a major label and it's capital I will only ever reach a small percentage of my potential listeners. While this gives me a living and while I have achieved loads as an independent artist, I know realistically I need more financial backing to really hit a wider audience. I never chased the industry and made it work anyway so that I could create and record the kind of music I wanted to. But I'm now realising I could do with industry backing and fearing already that they wont be interested (despite my fanbase and my success) in signing me as I am 41. I REALLY want to be the person that breaks the perception that older is uncool where the music industry is concerned. We'll see!!
—Guest Ratty

Age Schmage!

I'm 65 years old, have been playing music for a living since I was 19. I currently play 5 nights a week at a piano bar in an upscale casino in NV. Young people come in, and love that I play songs from the 30's thru the 80's. you have to redefine what 'making it' means. Playing music has paid off my house and raised my family.
—Guest Piano Bar


I am 57 play sax have good days and not so good but I play because I need to have an outlet for my creative drive. Don't wan to make money bug will if I can. Do it do it do it stop thinking so much
—Guest flutesax man

It doesn't matter to real music lovers

Shallow hipster douche bags may be dicks about critizing bands and image. If the music is great, who cares! I've seen bands my age, younger, and older that played amazing music. I didn't worry how old they are?! It's petty shit I tell ya'! Music rules over all. Leave all the image shit to the pop stars! Everything else in music doesn't matter. Like my nighbor said to me, "the only people in the world who worry about aging are women and gay guys. Which one are you?" BTW, I'm 23 years old.
—Guest Young Turk

Big Ed

If you were famous when young, like Clapton, age is not a big deal, as people remember you the way you were. But if you never made it, the music biz has no place for geezers, as there's no money to be made off you. Plus, if you were really that good, something would have happened for you. Keep trying if you want - it's still basically a free country. And there's always Social Security Disability if it comes down to that.
—Guest Big Ed

Never to old

I 'am a singer,song writer and producer currently I attend Berklee college of music for mastering with protoools. I'am 36years of age I dream of becoming successful in the industry ...I never had doubt but, I began to think I'am i to old until 2 things happened I began to see a lot of successful musician that are not famous here in Dallas Tx but very successful millionaires and 2 I looked in wikipedia and looked up a neo soul sing by the name of Kem Owens he didn't make it until he was 35 and until this day he is backed by a major label a the age of 43 . Here is my contact for anybody that want to contact me : hotlikefiremj@yahoo.com
—Guest Morrisj

Never 2 Old

I produced music on and off since 2003ish. I gave up my dream because I THOUGHT I was fooling myself and too old at 30, 31, 32.33 etc. Now I'm 38 & Thanks to the overwhelming out poor of positiveness on this forum, I'm back! I also would like to thank everyone who shared their story, expirence & insight. Thank you all for breathing new life back into me. God bless yoi all..
—Guest Alfredo Watson

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What Place Do Older Musicians Have in the Music Industry?

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