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Readers Respond: Does Music Knowledge or Business Knowledge Count More in the Music Industry?

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From the article: Choosing a Music Career 101

So, let's say two people want to start music related businesses. One knows music backwards and forwards but has zip-o in the business department. The other one has a very superficial knowledge of music but is a bona fide business wiz. Who wins? Can your love of music see you through when you're trying to make a living in the music industry, or do you need to know some business principles? Likewise, can a person who just doesn't feel that passion for music every really sustain a career in the music industry? Share your opinions - and the reasons behind them.

Depends on the situation

If someone already has the musical knowledge then it would be wise to seek out someone thats business savvy or vice versa. Whatever the case, one could not go very far without both sides. In my case, I would prefer someone thats more business savvy.
—Guest Azia E

What does "win" mean?

I'm assuming we're talking in terms of $$ and fame...there are plenty of music execs that make big money not knowing a thing about music. Hence we end up with Brittany Spears and The Jonas Brothers. So yes, you can absoultely make it in the music business without having any tacit knowledge of music. Just find out what the herd wants and feed it to them. Can your love of music see you through? Sure if you can afford to hire someone to do all the back end work so that you continue to play and focus, afterall that's what's bringing in the money (product), or at least sustaining the brand.

ITS 50./50. CASE

in the music industry theres not just artists who rap or just sings. No in the music industry theres artist and people who know there business just as well as an artist is familiar with 16 bars. My opinion is that its best to know the best of both worlds in order to be someone successful and versitale in life. if your an artist an you know you've mastered music alone try business,try training your mind to be more powerful in an out the vocal booth. its only important that you train your mind to be prepared for anything in the industry. Why because the whole music inustry from bottom to the top is a DOG EAT DOG GAME.
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